A while ago Charlie and I went out to Newport, RI to take some shots in the ridiculously rich area near the water. Gorgeous houses and properties, and more important, beautiful scenery.

Unfortunately, most of the time my eye has let me down and couldn't quite pick the best places to shoot, but whatever. I was doing it as practice, and I thought Charlie would appreciate some pics of his toys.

Critiques are recommended. I wasn't sure if this was the right section to post this in as the other critique threads were in a "No ZHP" subforum, so I didn't think these pics would belong there. I didn't find a critique thread in this subforum when I was looking, so this is the closest I could get it.

Regardless, thought some of you would enjoy seeing some pics of a gorgeous M3 and badazz ZHP. Many pictures were deleted because I ended up not liking the angle, or couldn't adjust the picture in Lightroom enough to make it look decent. I still question a couple of the pictures in this set, but thought I'd throw it in the mix for everyone else to view anyway. Got a little crazy in LR on some of the photos...

Set can be found here:

I can post out-of-the-camera shots for anyone if interested...