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Thread: Master List of exhausts for the ZHP/330i

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    Master List of exhausts for the ZHP/330i

    Didn't see anything, thought it would be a great sticky to have for easy info on what exhausts (mufflers, catbacks, midpipes, headers...) are availabe, some reviews on what you have on your car and some description of what they sound like (or videos are good too). When buying an exhaust it's hard to choose what you want because you just DON'T KNOW until it's on the car. By sharing our experiences with some we can help each other come to a better educated decision of what you/they are buying before they make a mistake or don't like it.

    Lets start a list of whats out there right now and maybe if you have one of them, post a short review about the sound - the more unbiased and informative the better.

    TSE3 UUC Corsa

    BMW Performance




    Active Autowerke



    Billy Boat





    Rouge Ikon


    Highline Tuning

    Active Autowerke
    RD Sport

    *let me know if I missed any
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