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Thread: Trunk storage

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    Good advice; I keep some tools, jumper cables, work gloves, and a pair of running shoes under there. The running shoes in case I'm ever stranded and need to run/walk/hike my way out! Not that my ZHP would ever do that to me!

    Quote Originally Posted by zj96sc View Post
    The bodies never have too much room to move around.

    Everything I have in there permanently I keep underneath the floor in the spare area - spare belts, quart of oil, roll of shop towels. Code scanner coiled up in the driver's side tail light area tray.

    I rarely carry stuff prone to rolling around; gym bag sits where I put it, jacket does the same.

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    I flipped the factory mat over so the rubber side is up. Thanks for the idea Channing!

    I also have the OE BMW cargo net

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    This is how I do it:

    Driver's Side holds higher quality scissor jack, first aid kit, and 1 extra front signal bulb.

    Passenger's Side holds all the other sh*t, lol. An organizer full of different detailing supplies, 1 quart oil, extra microfiber towels, my tool bag (yes it's full of tools, paper towels, baby wipes, breaker bar, terry cloth shop towels, and an extra shirt.

    The bungee is secured to two anchors and hold all the sh*t in.

    And that's how it's done.

    Please visit my build page here, on CarDomain.

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    Alright folks, if you get tired of the rattlelyclank in the trunk, maybe some will find this helpful. Apologies for the awesome photo quality with the cell phone. This is how my ZHP rollz.

    WeatherTech cargo mat. Love this as it catches anything wet/sticky/soggy (groceries, muddy boots, assorted junk you really don't want in your trunk, etc.)

    Name:  IMG_20120123_213235.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20120123_213402.jpg
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    OEM BMW Oil holders with disposable paper funnels (which I picked up from Bavauto, though I am sure they are available though any dealer and other sources.) Cost was something like $5 each, and they velcro to the side trunk lining anywhere FTW! Have yet to have them fall off, even with on spirited twisty backroads driving. Highly recommend these!!!

    Name:  IMG_20120123_213258.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20120123_213307.jpg
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    Name:  IMG_20120123_213331.jpg
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    Imola Red Mag Light where the safety triangle isn't in our US cars.

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    Underneath it all in the company of the donut: P-towels, Microfiber, tire iron, Windex (Thanks Gus!), Faux chamois, and soft sided Target dopp kit used for basic tools.
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    Ooh, love those oil holders.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnrando View Post
    Ooh, love those oil holders.
    They really are great at keeping the spare oil vertical in the trunk. Here's the PN: 83 29 0 144 484

    BMW Oil Travel Case - Genuine BMW

    $ 5.95

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    Quote Originally Posted by UdubBadger View Post
    i just keep a bunch of junk in my trunk

    That's what she said.
    A Venza just isn't the same as a ZHP.

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    I got this for christmas, and it works great, I have a jug of water and cleaning products in it and it doesn't move at all, and its attached only by Velcro on the bottom but the more weight in it makes it stick even more, great product.

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    I store stuff in the spare tire bin and I also got two long narrow boxes that fit side to side in the trunk to put my stuff in. Everything is a lot more neatly packed and it doesn't get a chance to go from one side of the trunk to the other with a clunk. LOL. I got those boxes from Costco at checkout where all the empty boxes are stored for customer's use.
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    Hmm I should consider moving some stuff to the spare tire area. With that said, all that's in my trunk is a funnel, a roll of paper towels, a quart of oil w/ an empty to keep the full one snug in the cubby hole, and some old shirts for rags.

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