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Thread: Suspension refresh - Koni Sports vs. Bilstein HD experiences / feedback (OEM ZHP springs)

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    Suspension refresh - Koni Sports vs. Bilstein HD experiences / feedback (OEM ZHP springs)

    Planning to replace the shocks and struts on my '04 ZHP - the car is my daily driver and will likely rarely, if ever, see any track time (have a dedicated track car for that). That said, I am considering pairing either Koni Sports (yellow) or Bilstein HDs with the OEM springs (~ 75k miles). Appreciate others' experience with either of these set-ups, particularly any insight on the following:

    - Do either (Koni Sport or Bilstein HD) raise or lower the car with OEM ZHP springs? I certainly have no desire to raise the car, ok with slight lowering, but it is not an objective.

    - Has anyone run Koni Sports with OEM ZHP springs? If so, recommendations on damper settings for street use?

    I will be replacing RTABs and RSMs as part of the work; FCABs were addressed recently.

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    FWIW, I ran Koni yellows on an E30 several years ago and fell in love with them. Also installed them on my E36 daily driver and love them there too. Usually run around 3/4 of a turn from all the way soft, but you can easily adjust the fronts as you like. Rears are tough to adjust, so I sent them halfway. Height did not change on either of these cars, so I can't imagine that they would change the height of the zhp. When the time comes, I will go with Koni yellows on stock springs in my zhp. I did run a set of Bilsteins on a Jeep years ago, and it made for a stiffer ride over stock. Hope this helps!

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