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Thread: SIGFest 2012 -- check in here when you get home

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    SIGFest 2012 -- check in here when you get home

    When you arrive at home, check in here.

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    Home. Left 11:30, arrived 5:30. 1 stop and I learned what people buy at stuckies.

    Oh and we did a photo shoot on the bridge tunnel.

    - Marc

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    Glad to hear you're home.

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    Got home around 4:30, was great meeting everyone and truly appreciate the welcome and kindness extended to a non ZHP owner.

    Apologies for missing the Saturday evening activities as I had to take the family out on a mini Williamsburg cruise then ice cream to cap it off...

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    Home......................9 hours and 2 minutes .............poor ZHP been thru the bug war! Captin and coke for me and some time with the wife

    Can't put into words the enjoyment of these couple of days.........saw a lot of old friends and made some new....... Mafia is the best!

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    Got to my actual home last night around 1am. Currently on my way to my home in Blacksburg for the summer.

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    On the ZHP hunt again...

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    Home, had a blast. You all are so great. The level of hospitality still amazes Katie and I coming from other car communities.
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    Heather and I got home at about 4:00pm today. After stopping to pick up the kids from the grandparents house. Then I immediately left to go get our '4 legged' kids because the house is just too quiet & calm without them.

    It was great meeting everyone, we had a wonderful time. Heather was amazed that we went to a 'car' event and people didn't talk about cars the whole time. She really felt welcomed and we are already planning for next year.

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    Home, unfortunately Nothing exciting to talk about, except that one weird thing I found on the radio.

    Auto-wipers and auto-headlights sure came in handy today. Drove through numerous heavy rainstorms, lots of start-and-stop stuff. Didn't even need to touch a dial. I <3 German engineering. Tires worked excellent. No sign of hydroplaning in sight. Gripped to the road like glue.

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