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Thread: The Official "Thank you" Thread

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    Thank you all so, so much, especially Dane for letting us use your tools, house, and things. Your efforts for making this a complete success were not gone without notice. I know how hard you worked to make sure this was organized, and I am greatly humbled by your hospitality. You were busy and working the entire time, making sure everything was in order and the way it should be. You deserve something, man. I dunno what, but something.

    Thanks to C Withers Media, for just being fucking awesome. Casey, you are the man. Absolutely hysterical stories to tell, and fun to hang with. When you were hanging out my car to do the photoshoot, I was...slightly freaking out inside hahaha. But then I learned that you are actually Spiderman, so then I stopped worrying. Marcus, it was very good to see you and you took some great pictures. You're always such a friendly guy, and one hell of a photographer.

    Thanks to everyone who helped me do my brake rotors. The difference is phenomenal, and I'm so glad to have those done. They were a bitch, it was dirty, but we got it done!

    A huge thanks to Botond, because he literally bought me a new anti-rattle clip because he couldn't find his old one that he said he was going to send me. I couldn't believe it. Botond, you, sir, really are a Pal (canuseewatididthar).

    I wish this were more than once a year. Everyone is such a freaking blast to hang with. You all are great. This is what makes my ZHP worth all its quirks, expenses, and oddities.

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    Thanks a lot, I still want to know what the banjo boys in that truck were yelling at us....Something about Boomhauer, Boomhauer, twang twang, shotgun. It was all I needed to hear...

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    Thanks, Zell. It's easy being a nice guy when I'm dealing with the Mafia.

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    Katie, my girlfriend, was skeptical about coming at first thinking it was going to be all car stuff. She really enjoyed the meet and hanging out with all of the other girlies there.
    19" VMR VB3 CSL reps w/ General G-Max 3 A/S, BMW Performance short throw shifter, CDV delete, M54B30 swap, and a redneck CAI.

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    Quote Originally Posted by C Withers Media View Post
    Thanks a lot, I still want to know what the banjo boys in that truck were yelling at us....Something about Boomhauer, Boomhauer, twang twang, shotgun. It was all I needed to hear...

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    I feel bad that this is the first time I've had a chance to really get on here to post. It's been great reading everybody's posts. I had such a great time at the meet this year. It really was just as good as any vacation I've been on and in some ways even better. We really do have an awesome group of people on this site. Everybody meshes so well. I'm sad that we have to wait a whole year to do it again...
    I enjoyed meeting all the new members and catching up with everyone from last year.

    Horney, I was really glad we could help you out... any time dude! You crack me up... And remember... snack city bitch 10-10-20 and a cookie bitch...

    I'd like to tell this story about this guy that Horney, Kristen and I saw when we were getting breakfast on the last day:

    We are waiting in line to get seated and we see this old guy pull up in a 335i. This guy looked to be in his late 70's. His License plate says "1-DUFFER" we're thinking wow this old guy is pretty cool to drive a 335.... then go to grab something out of the 135 and on the way back I notice that his car is a 6 speed manual. I tell Kristen and Horney and we're all like really? that old guy?! So I say to the guy you have a nice car and we noticed it was a 6 speed. He says it's the 3rd manual Bimmer he's owned and we tell him about the meet and everything and he was really interested. He was a really cool dude. As we're leaving I look at the exhaust tips on the car and it's got a Borla exhaust on it. We were all like no shit! and we all agreed that we hope we are all still into cars when we reach that age. I hope we are still doing Sig Fest by then, we have such a good group that anything is possible although we may have to rename it Geriatric Mafia. I don't think my passion for cars and people that like cars will ever change and I think a lot of you are the same way... I wish that I had a ZHP mafia business card to give him...
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