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Thread: The Official "Thank you" Thread

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    The Official "Thank you" Thread

    This is the spot to say thanks or give shout outs for the SIGFest. Say what's on your mind.

    Ok. Finally got a minute to collect my thoughts and work on this one.

    First off, Dane and the Wilson family. Thank you so much for opening your house to all of us and organizing such an incredible event. Without you, none of this would be possible.

    Rob and Kpro: Its always a pleasure to see you guys. You are both some of the coolest people I know.

    Ryan, Kyle, and Lucy: It was a please to meet all of you. Seeing Lucy in person was one of the highlights of the weekend. Ryan, you are one awesome chick and Kyle is a great guy. You two are a perfect match.

    Charlie: Thanks for hanging out and smoking a cigar with me on Sunday. I would love to have more time to sit back and hang out with you.

    BP: Sweet coding, man. I love it. You are the man.

    Gary: Thanks for the awesome eats and the good conversation.

    John Randolph: It was great to meet you in person. I hope to see you again in the near future if not at next year's meet.

    Casey: It was an honor to meet you. To finally get a chance to hang out with you and chat was a lot of fun. I'm itching to see more of your photos of the meet. You are truly a master of photography.

    Brett: Thank you for running me around on Sunday.

    Marc: Thanks for putting up with me as a roommate and I'm still sorry about the hotel fiasco.

    Marcus, Christy, and Zippy: Marcus, I can't thank you enough for creating this place for such an incredible gathering of people to come from. We may be what makes it what it is but, without you and your initial guidance, none of this would have been possible. Christy and Zippy, it was great to meet both of you. If you happen to have a spare copy of your cookbook around, I would be very interested in purchasing it from you.

    Andrew: Its cool to meet another person so determined as you to get fit. You have the right attitude and a damn good start. Keep at it, man! You can make it happen.

    To everyone else that attended the meet, thank you all for being genuine and gracious people. I consider all of you family. Like Cody said, if there is anything I can do for any of you, get up with me. I will do whatever I can to assist you. And also keep in mind that my doors are always open to all of you. If you ever want to come out to the Outer Banks and visit, this family is always welcome in my house. And I mean that.
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    Thanks Dane and everyone for making these events possible. Things like these bring people of all race, color and religions together for the love of a car. This is one of the more tight forums I have experienced. I am on so many and have been an administrator for Autoguide (count their forums out) so I am a pretty good judge of that. search for Nivo or NIVO88T and you will see me all over...

    The food was great, the cars looked awesome and most importantly the company was phenomenal. I didn't get to meet everyone but "HI!".

    It was also great to tie together a screen name with a face.

    Charlie, B.P. Chad since you guys are closest to me I am sure we will see each other again soon.

    John L. thanks for sending that clutch in to my buddy.

    And to Danes son, thanks for fishing out that darn bulb out of the headlight housing!

    Kpro, thanks for letting me smell your exhaust fumes once you went on boost, lol

    Ryan your car is awesome in pictures and much better in Person. you and Kyle keep up the good work.

    Williamsburg is a beautiful place.

    To all others thanks!

    Next year both cars will be there.

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    In no particular order:

    Dane: Thanks for your hospitality for hosting SIGFest, your dedication and organizational skills with covering extra expenses and setting up SIGFest, and your generosity with giving me your spacers (you'll be getting yours soon). I've said it before, Dane Wilson is an awesome person.

    Marcus and family: Boss, thanks for setting up ZHP Mafia and keeping it the best place on the interwebs. Boss's wife, thanks for spending your birthday 2k miles away from home with the mafia. You should have seen your face when they brought out the cake. Priceless. Zippy, thanks for the fist bumps buddy.

    Keith and Krys: Thanks for all the random complements on my car. Getting to meet you two was such a pleasure. Hope we catch up when we're in Jersey. And thanks for the pork roll! Yum!

    Casey: Thanks for being you. Even though you're one of those weird California people (inside joke everyone), you're pretty freak'n awesome. You're the biggest sweetie in the world. Thanks for letting me come when you stole my Lucy, and for walking around in your socks and taking pictures of her. Thanks for making me pose and taking my picture, and then the awesome editing. I'll cherish it forever. Thanks for showing me your mad editing skills. Thanks for racking yourself to take rolling shots of my car. Thanks for eating ice cream with me. And thanks for informing me about HAM.

    Kristen and Rob: Dayum, am I allowed to write an essay here? Thanks for everything. Too much to list. You guys know how we feel about you. xoxo

    John Randolph: Thanks for coming to ZHP SIGFest without your ZHP. I know that was hard! Thanks for the Starbucks. Thanks for liking my Lucy, she likes you back. Thanks for sharing that intense 135i test drive, sorry for my vulgar comments. Thanks for the warm hugs. Thanks for all the kind words. And thanks for taking a picture with me and Lucy, I can't wait to see it. I <3 U!

    Charlie: Thanks for being Lucy's biggest fan. Thanks for being one of the most generous people I've ever met. Thanks for letting me be delusional about your ///M.

    Kyle: Thanks for being just a gooberish about all the BMWs as I was. Thanks for the crabs. Thanks for chef delivered grilled bread (that was amazing). Thanks for getting your GF to come up, she's a great gal. Thanks for showing me your 45. And thanks for your invite to the coast, we'll definitely be coming.

    Chris: Thanks for caravaning halfway up with us. Thanks for not leaving me 12 cars back in traffic after you road raged. Thanks to Matt for all the rolling shots, I can't wait to see them.

    Brett: Thanks for the awesome organization with parking. Thanks for the behind the scenes collection for the Boss's lunches. Thanks for having the cleanest stock ZHP I've ever seen.

    Ryan: Thanks for bringing AWD to the performance side. Thanks for having a sweet xi, it was catching my eye all weekend. Thanks to you and your GF for having lunch with us and all the great conversations.

    Chad and Tovah: Thanks for coming. Thanks for the licorice. Thanks for the complements on my car. Tovah, make Chad get you the exact wagon you want!

    Gary: Thanks for running the grill Saturday night. Everything was delicious. Thanks for offering to let me drive your ZHP. If I hadn't been drinking I would have drove it.

    Marc: Thanks for the complements on my car. Thanks for being so witty and a cool dude. I wish we had been able to talk more.

    Jon Estrella: Thanks for revving your twin screw supercharged ZHP at Cars & Coffee as I requested. Thanks for making that car so bad ass. Thanks for the complements on my paint job.

    R0b: Thanks for being so thankful for the shift boots. Thanks for the complements. And thanks for still owing me a drink, maybe next year!

    Rob (Newjack): Thanks for all the complements. Thanks for being so cool to be around.

    Botond: Thanks for being such a sweetie. Thanks for always smiling. Thanks for trying to code Lucy.

    Justin: Thanks for letting me rub your shoes. Thanks for living up to everything I thought you were, awesome that is! Thanks for your smile, it's intoxicating.

    Jeff and Heather: Thanks for sharing the stories of your 7 years old. I'm glad my kiddo isn't weird, or at least the only weirdo. Thanks for educating me on VIR. Thanks so much for the earrings, I'm wearing them right now.

    Peter: Thanks for coming up and introducing yourself to me. I wish we had more time to talk.

    Bruce: Thanks for bringing the only 'vert. You represented the topless community well. Thanks for bringing your son and his friend. It's good to get the younger generations excited and enthused about BMWs.

    Albert and Kristen: Thanks for coming after only being on the forum for a short period and on your birthday. Thanks for sharing my opinion about horsepower. Thanks for being fun to talk to. Kristen, thanks for letting me try on your shoes and for breaking down a crab for me.

    Ian: Thanks for all the complements on Lucy. Thanks for the great conversations. Thanks for bringing your gf who was always taking pictures. We're really enjoying them.

    Johnmadd: Thanks for rock'n out with me in my car. Thanks for sharing some of your friend's music with me. Thanks for sharing your "I hate when people work on my car" stories.

    JayJay: Thanks for not getting mad when I couldn't shake your hand because my hands were covered in crab. I wish we had a chance to greet each other again and chat. Thanks for bringing your friend with the ///M5 to the forum. He fits right in.

    Mr. ///M5: Thanks for bringing the sweetest e39 M5 I've ever seen. Thanks for tracking that car. Thanks for putting a car seat in the M5, it is the coolest family car. Thanks for the conversations about your M5, I hate that I can't remember your name.

    Stu: We really didn't get to talk, but thanks for the greasy hug on Sunday.

    Cody and Katie: Thanks for the complements. Thanks for searching the hotel perimeter for me and Kyle on Saturday night. Nice to know the family is looking out. Thanks for talking to Kyle about his Tacoma, he likes my car but loves Toyota trucks. I've said before, I wish we had a chance to talk more.

    Nivo and wifey: Thanks for having his and her ZHP. Hopefully next year his can come too. Thanks for the complements on my Lucy.

    Well I know I'm forgetting people, but please don't take it to heart. There were so many people, I wish there had been more time for me to get to know everyone better. Thank you all for making Kyle and me feel so welcome. Thank you for all the nonstop complements on my Lucy. I wont stop smiling for weeks. Thank you all for all your smiles. I truly love our Mafia family and can't wait to see you all next year.
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    I won't give a long lengthy thank you. I believe we just all know pay it forward. It's a great group we have and we know how great it is.

    Heather I apologize for my reaction at the hotel when we were checking in. You have to understand, you were my first encounter with a nice person in the trip. I had just spent a week Dealing with DC traffic and your niceness took me back... I was like stranger danger!!! Jk . loved meeting everyone!

    Dane, words can not describe the hospitality you and all of your family show.

    A lot of people invited Katie and myself to come crash at there place any weekend and just get away from the grind. I truly am thankful for that and don't be surprised when I take you up on that offer. What's better than taking a mini vacation??? Taken it and staying with a fellow BMW enthusiast.

    John R. I'm so coming out to Cali and having you show us where we should be living

    With that said, Katie and I are almost always home unless I am traveling for work. ANYONE and I mean any of you are welcome to come stay at our place to just get away if you ever need. I actual prefer that you do, I get tired of just hanging out with my dogs, they don't talk back to me. It is ok if it is short notice too, I don't like waiting to do things anyway.

    And please everyone, If you ever need help with ANYTHING, doesn't have to be car related. I'll come and help. Doesn't have to be close to me either. What most people consider far is not far for me. I travel for a living a lot, the trip to Danes was just a Sunday drive

    BRETT- thank you so much for all your hospitality during the weekend and just on the forum to me. And thanks for fixing my mirror during reverse. I would of never known to flip that switch hahahaha. I thought it was an electrical issue.
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    I've posted my thanks in other threads, so I'll just say thanks to all for a special weekend, miss you already!

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    Thanks again to all who lead this forum, those who make it so valueable sharing their time, expertise, good cheer. Those who arranged, organized this meet, were there to say hi, made sure the weather was perfect, helped to get lost and get back; those who took photos and those who posed for them...
    To those whom I left out, my apologies... hope to make them in person next year!

    - Peter

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    Thank you to everyone I met -- I am just amazed at the entire group's warmth as they greeted me as the newbie.

    A special thank you to Marcus for creating such a great website and collaborating on creating an awesome event. Special thanks To Dane for his tremendous hospitality. I was just amazed at how nice everyone was and at the immense amount of knowledge I was surrounded by. Keith - thank you for pulling my codes (I want your perforated leather steering wheel). There are so many others that I am not naming here that I met and had really nice conversations all know who you are. Will definitely see you guys & gals next year!!!

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    After a phenomenal weekend it was back to reality today: busy day at work followed by a 6-mile run in the rain (during which I had plenty of time to reflect). That made me appreciate this past weekend even more.

    First and foremost, I want to thank Dane and his family for once again opening their home to the Family and for being so gracious as to let Krysten and I stay at their place. Can't say enough about Dane and how much he does for this group.

    A very heartfelt, sincere thank you to everyone for pitching in to buy Krys and I our meals/drinks at Bellissimo's. It was entirely unecessary, but it really meant a lot to both of us.

    I want to once again thank the Boss for creating the type of site that attracts such a remarkable group of people.

    Casey-- I want to thank you for sharing some of your insight with me and for teaching me more about Photoshop in 20 minutes than I've been able to figure out on my own in many years. You are every bit the genuine, unpretentious, fun-loving teddy bear that I imagined you would be. Greatly enjoyed hanging out with you.

    Brett-- huge thanks for taking the reigns with the parking. You were nothing short of awesome getting the cars where they needed to be.

    Thanks to Gary for being the grill master and to Kyle for being the awesome, kick-ass grilled-bread-making outrageously-good-dessert ace that you always are.

    The rest of my thanks go to each and every person that came from near and far to make this meet what it was. Just like this site is the great place it is because of the members, so too it is with these meets-- all of the best food and weather in the world means nothing without great people to share it with.

    Really glad that I got to see a lot of great people from last year and that I had the chance to meet many new ones as well.

    Thank you to all of you for another great meet. Can't wait to see you all again next year.
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    I will start out by saying that Ryan's post was very thorough

    I have a lot to thank for being on this forum starting with Marcus, Dane, and Keith. Thank you for all you do to make this forum a "family".

    Casey, my sincere thanks for taking the time to be with all of us and showing us your mad skills taking pics of this epic event, my hat is off to you brother

    Chad for always lending a hand whenever I needed it I'm there for you too bro Can't wait to come up and visit you and Tovah again....hopefully soon

    Kyle, I really enjoyed smoking that cigar with you and chillin' The conversations we shared were great and your bread.....need I say more??? Can't wait to catch up with you again bro!

    Gary for his mad grilling talents on Friday. Awesome job and a real pleasure meeting you!

    Brett, thanks for all the complements on my ZHP and to you for organizing the parking on Friday. I really enjoyed chatting with you and look forward to seeing you again sometime

    Chris and Matt, I enjoyed talking to you guys and watching Matt taking pics during our cruise. You have a great ride Chris....keep it up

    Jeff for offering his help during my VANOS seals and anti-rattle kit replacement, and for Heather for her awesomeness skillz repairing my torn alcantara side bolster. I'm so happy Jeff, I also enjoyed the pics of your ///M you shared with me. That car was awesome...sorry to hear about it's demise though... are a cool cat bro It was awesome meeting up with you and your friend (M5) on Friday. I'm still in love with his of the nicest E39 M5s I have seen.

    Jon, finally!!! It was a real pleasure meeting you in person after all those PMs we have been swapping over the past months. I had a great time chatting with you and your wife and look forward to seeing both of you again when I'm in the area. Your TSS equipped ZHP is to die for brother! And that steering wheel....all I think about now....darn !!! I'm going to have to get a new steering wheel...

    Rob (R0B), I was amazed by how humble you seemed to be. Very polite. I really enjoyed talking to you and having you share your very special ZHP with all of us, a big Thank You sir! Hope to meet up with you Rob, and Jon next time I'm down in Manassas for business...

    Cody and Katie, it was a pleasure meeting both of you. I was amazed by your generosity and how easy going you are. Looking forward to the next time I meet up with you guys

    Nivo, it was great meeting up with you and BP when you guys were cruising down from New England I enjoyed meeting your girl friend and the conversations we all had coming down. Feel free to give me a shout any time brother....looking forward to seeing your project completed....its going to be awesome when you are finished

    Kristen and Rob, I enjoyed meeting both of you and enjoyed the many conversations throughout the meet. Looking forward to meeting up with you guys sometime in the summer. You guys are awesome

    Justin, Love how you look at things and your smile....what's not to like??? Really, I enjoyed meeting and talking to you! Hope to run into you again at another meet

    Bruce, I want to personally thank you for bringing that awesome Imola Vert w/ alcantara interior. A beautiful ride for sure. Also the entertainment John and I saw from my car, while Jon noted us laughing like school girls, was priceless. I still see that young blonde giving you the riot act for parking in front of her tanning salon.... What you did next was classic! I only wished I had put all of this on video....

    Ryan and Kyle, I really enjoyed the joking and help I received from you guys. Kyle, you're the man brother!!! I couldn't have asked for better help with my project than you. Ryan, thanks so much for allowing Kyle to help me out! I have something in store for you and know you will love it Hope to see you guys again this guys are very special!

    Rob (Newjack), Thanks for allowing me to stop by to visit earlier when I drove down in my ///M. Other than Chad and BP, you're the only one from the Mafia family who has seen both of my bimmers. It was my pleasure to help you with your rear view mirror problem and hotel arrangements. Sorry for the additional "music"... I will always look forward to meet up with you whenever I'm in your area

    Mr. John have shown kindness that I will never forget my friend. It was an honor for me to help you to this year's Mafia reunion and I am fortunate to have a good friend in you. You are one of the most positive people I have ever met and I feel blessed by this. I can't wait to meet up with you again.....hopefully soon

    BP, you have always been willing to come up to give me a hand, which is why I do what I do... I am the lucky one to have friends like you around. You are a true friend and a giving person. Don't change that.

    I know there's more people to thank and if I left you out its not intentional. I sincerely appreciate being in company with all of you. I had one of the most memorable times last weekend and almost found myself tearing up when it was time to say goodbye to everyone. It was hard but I know that we all will get together again sometime during the summer and, of course, at our next annual reunion...

    Thanks for an awesome weekend everyone
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    Pardon my delay in getting this written in its entirety and posted here. It has been a crazy week, and my internet time via a true computer has been really limited. In no specific order…

    Entire Wilson Family – Thank you so much for all that you do to help the Mafia, all the time. Obviously, this includes opening your home up to a bunch of BMW-crazed fans to host an event like SIGfest, so a REALLY BIG THANK YOU is in order to you all. Even the Mrs. allowed me to park her car for her so that we could manage a smooth evening departure!

    Martinez Family – As others have said, the zhpmafia would not exist and would not operate without your creation and diligent support. Awesome that you were able to fly 3,000 miles across the country to support this event on the east coast. Great to have you share in the festivities! Likewise, Mark, you have captured the essence of SIGfest in some beautiful photos with Casey – excellent composition for a fellow who hates shooting cars!

    Dr. Withers, Photomaster – Enjoyed meeting you in person, and thank you for your help and support throughout this event, as well as other places within this forum (and…ahem…those of us asking camera questions on a car forum…like me!). Bloody knuckles during some of the crazy rolling shots, to some bird entertainment for the ZHP shot off the parking garage…the list goes on. Cannot wait for the best photos in Roundel in a few months!!

    K&K from NJ! – Thank you for your leadership within the mafia and helping to keep it going all the time. Great to see you both, and have a few laughs over some NJ/PA foods, etc. Likewise, thanks for my new nickname – “Brettski” (does this make me Polish? LOL)…This gave me an idea for a new thread, which is going up soon – stay tuned! Hope to see you both soon!

    Rob (Newjack) – Great to meet you buddy, and enjoyed our conversations and time in historical ‘burg. I am sure that the degree in CJ will pay off for you in the near future. Also, thanks for the help with Stu’s brake job, and keeping he and I on target. Before starting your next zhp adventure, hope that you are able to find a “new jack” in the near future to help with your car projects. Likewise for your successful idea on feeding the bosses – it was a great success! If you ever find yourself over on the eastern shore, be sure to let me know. If you need the info. on my Indy mechanic here, happy to get that for you as well.

    Justin/Crabslayer – Only two crabs consumed this year?!? Haha, just giving you a hard time man. Great seeing you at SIGfest & glad that you were able to make it for year two. Thanks for stepping up to the grill on Sunday and keeping everyone fed. Hope that the next few months give you a chance to take a breath and break from all of the hard work with the studies. Don’t have too much fun with the 328 in the meantime.

    Gary – Will travel with FOOD! Thank you for feeding all of the familia at SIGfest, and for keeping your great sense of humor, as always. Great seeing you, and thanks for making the trek south. Hope to see you at the next event. I may need to pick your brain on what you prefer in terms of tires on the zhp for both DD/track events sometime!

    Ryan (whitexi) – Good stories and laughs with both you and your girlfriend around the campfire on Friday. Glad to see you for the second year at the family meet! Car looks awesome for 200k miles on her. You should be very proud. Keep up the good werk!

    Jayjay – Great to meet you and the Mrs. I am sorry that I was not able to spend more time getting you know you both, but I will look forward to doing so at the next meet and on the forum in the interim.

    Charlie – A pleasure meeting you and enjoying your company over the weekend. Good work on the Vanos – I didn’t hear too much swearing or witness any hammers being thrown! ZHP is looking great, and I will look forward to seeing the ///M in the near future.

    Kyle/static667 – Buddy, excellent work on the food over the weekend. Thank you for your efforts across the board! Desserts were stellar, and I have heard that the bread and crabs were both great too. Good times on finding the coolers at 7-11! I hope that you see an increase with business so that you can keep attending the various mafia events in the near future. Awesome that you were able to make it back for year two. Have fun in the Banks for us.

    Botond/Codemeister! – As many others have said, thank you for all of your efforts on the coding work over the weekend, and for squeezing me into your coding schedule…TWICE! The Trifecta Landing Light coding is truly awesome, and just may save me from a deer one of these days. Now if I could just avoid the bugs. J/K man – coding mods really are great. Awesome to see you back for year two, as I know that it is a hike for you. Keep up the good work with Wobbie. Silver cubes look great. If I ever see a Natural Brown interior for sale, I will be sure to let you know!

    Chad/Chad44 – Great meeting you and Tovah, and enjoyed our excursion into the ‘burg on Saturday, as well as the fireside chat on Friday. Have you had correspondence with the message therapist yet? Car looks great and I liked the Racing Dynamics rims on the ZHP! Tovah, just remember when asked SILVER CUBES!! :-P

    John/Johnmadd – Awesome catching up with you on Friday evening, as well as the rest of the weekend. Car is looking great. Watch out for the sketchy mechanics out there! Nice work for the SIGfest drive 2012. It was a fun circuit, and thank you for your efforts in getting it all set up for us all to enjoy. GoPro video soon to be posted!

    Stu – Really enjoyed assisting you with the brake work on your ZHP, as well as the fire chat on Friday, and parking lot chalk-talk on Sat. Not sure that they are going to offer “flame-broiled pretzel” on the menu anytime soon, but it was worth a try! I hope that the brakes are still holding up well, and that the brake shudder was removed when you swapped the rotors. I would still think about a brake bleed sometime in the near future. Good luck with all of the stats work in the meantime, and I will look forward to seeing you ‘stop’ by another zhp meet soon. If you have any questions on the brake work, let me know!

    Ryan (Lucy-mama) – Truly a pleasure making your acquaintance at SIGfest. Wow Lucy really does look great in person. I normally like a fairly stock vehicle, but you have done an excellent job on your car. Also, I was touched when there were a few tears as you were packing up to head home at the end of SIGfest. I will look forward to spending more time with you and Kyle at another meet in the future. In the meantime, take care of Kyle, Lucy, and the rest of the NC crew!

    Kyle (Ryan’s Kyle) – Great to meet you man! Read the post on your intro. to the mafia page, and thought that it was great. Hopefully we are not a bunch of BMW snobs, but rather a fun-loving “family”. Awesome work on Charlie’s Vanos rebuild. I didn’t have a chance to catch up too much with you or Ryan, but I will look forward to it for the next go-around, and on the forum in the interim time. Take care of Ryan as she is a special gal! BTW, can we call you Yoda-Master referring to your Toyota expertise?

    Rob/sockethead – Thanks for the input on the various projects going on during the work on Sunday, and I will forever be indebted to you for introducing me to Silkolene Pro Prep for all engine bay components and hard plastics (last year). Keep up the good work with the ZHP, and be sure to keep kpro in line with the 1! Likewise, hope that you both are “busy” once again in the near future.

    Flavor-Flav/Marc – Where do I begin? How about Executive Assistant/Master-Parker!!! Thank you for your help with the whole parking setup and execution on Friday and a bit on Sunday too! Awesome that you stepped up to help me out with keeping it all on track. I could not have done it without you! In other thanks, thanks for all of the good-humor and laughs as always. You better keep it going on the forum, otherwise I will be hugely disappointed. No worries on Barbie-blonde comments – I was just trying to give you a laugh in return on a few of my posts on that. If I can dish some sarcasm, I better be able to laugh at some good jokes and humor as well. And one of these days we need to get back to the HPDE/track events…I suppose that is after you finish your big SIGfest piece for Roundel! Cannot wait to read it!

    Kristen – Great to see you and very much enjoyed seeing a properly set up 1. She is a beautiful car. Keep up the great work, and I enjoyed Ryan’s story on your Pilot repairs at DQ. So typical – “Don’t turn it off – just drive straight home!” LOLz. I have had that conversation on boats before too. Look forward to seeing you at the next family meet!

    John (John Rando) – Truly fantastic to meet you in person and it is awesome that you flew out to meet a few of the East Coast mafia fam! Wow, stellar efforts as camera car pilot – can’t wait to see the results from your/C. Withers Media efforts on all of the great photos, rolling and otherwise. Thank you for making that happen! Thank you as well for your last-minute PMs and assistance with the Bosses lunch too. Enjoyed chatting with you on Saturday and Sunday, and in case you need it – the hard surface conditioner is called Silkolene Pro Prep (Thank Sockethead-Rob). Hope that I am able to catch up with you soon again and enjoy the company of a true Bimmerphile. If you ever find yourself in MD, be sure to look me up. In the interim, enjoy the west coast twisties for me!

    Jon – The finest Orientblau ZHP I have ever seen, anywhere. Awesome to see you and the Mrs., and I look forward to catching up with you soon again at the next area meet. In the meantime, keep up the great work! Car really looks beautiful…and sounds even better.

    Chris/Matt – Glad that you were able to make it to SIGfest 2012. Stellar meeting you both in person. Chris, keep up the great work and progress on the ZHP, and Matt, thank you for your hard work with the camera. You have captured some purely majestic images, and thank you for posting them!

    Ian – Barely had a chance to say hello to you & the Ms. during this event, but the car looks great considering the miles on her! Glad that you were able to make it down for the event, and I will look forward to seeing you again at the next event, as well as on the forum.

    Cody/Co-Dizzle & Katie – Great to finally meet you both in person. Why has it taken us so long when we are not that far apart? Thanks for putting up with my ‘Old-Man’ driving en route to SIGfest, forcing a laugh or two for my stupid jokes, and tolerating me for the weekend. Glad that we didn’t have any causalities in the fire pit. The E90 was looking sharp considering its pre-trip tar bath. Dr. Withers certainly portrayed her in elegant style in the photo shoot. Likewise, enjoyed our travels into the old part of Williamsburg. I will look forward to seeing you both soon again, and wish Katie well in her job hunting endeavors! Let me know if you have Bimmer questions!

    R0B – Glad that we had a chance to catch up briefly in our Tête-à-tête parking in the “ZHP” field lineup. Likewise, thanks for popping the hood once back for dinner at B. Pizza. Keep up the good work on the car! You may have to give me a ride sometime to introduce me to how a supercharged ZHP is supposed to feel. Look forward to chatting with you further at the next meet.

    Anibal/Nivo – Great meeting you and your wife at SIGfest. Wow, you really have been bitten by the ZHP bug. Car looks great…and even better with a functioning halogen headlight. In the process of bulb-recovery, I learned (thanks to your/Justin Wilson’s efforts) how to successfully remove the headlight lens from the ZHP sedans. Good luck with the rest of the upgrades on both cars, and am looking forward to seeing the finished product on the coupe interior!

    Peter/pfr – Great to meet you both and follow you for a bit for the tour! The coupe really looks great, and I believe that I have some GoPro video footage of you in front of me. Hope that the rest of your trip was a success, and hope to see you again at the next mafia event.

    Bruce – Back for another year in the IR Vert! Car was looking beautiful as always. Got a chuckle out of the tanning salon parking, and my hat is off to you for leaving your car there. My luck would’ve been keyed/towed/etc. had it been me. Hope to see you soon again.

    Eugene/TQ2K – Your family and M5 are beautiful! Sorry that I didn’t get a chance to catch up with you more during the event, but seeing your car in my rearview for part of the drive was surely a treat…and a bit distracting as I am a HUGE E39 M5 fan. Car is very tastefully modified. Keep up the good work!

    Those remaining that I have missed, I will look forward to seeing you again at the next family meeting in the near future and getting a chance to catch up with you to say hello!

    An awesome family reunion. Thanks to all who attended and made it special!

    Last edited by brettbimmer; 05-27-2012 at 07:39 PM.

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