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Thread: ZHP Down!! This sucks.

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    ZHP Down!! This sucks.

    So my beloved ZHP was involved in an accident a little over a week ago. I'm just now getting around to posting the pictures.

    Took the car to a reputable indy shop for some general maintenance (oil change, trans fluid, diff fluid, & new fuel filter). I got a call from the owner around lunch time and I figured it was him calling to tell me the car was done. When he said he had some bad news I thought he saw something else that needed fixing while in there working. The he told me he wrecked the car. I thought he was joking a laughed and said, "yeah right". He said he was not joking and that while test driving the car after completing the work a girl ran a stop sign and he nailed her - never even hit the brakes. Everyone was ok, except for the two cars.

    So I hear back from the girl's insurance company today and they say the car is a total loss and they will give me $14,105 + $1,374 sales tax, bringing the total to $15,479 or I can keep it and they give me $12,887 for repairs, but it now has a salvage title.

    To me the $14,105 for the car seems like a slap in the face considering the mileage & condition of this zhp. When I look at kbb or nada I get between $15,800 and $17,600. So $14,105 just sucks. Hell I still owe $16k since I just bought the car at the end of last year.

    Does anyone know if there is any wiggle room for negotiation in those offers from insurance companies? I would at least like to get what I owe on it. It sucks that I would have to come out of pocket just to get rid of a car that I didn't even have a part in destroying.
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    Oh that sucks. It's worse than sucks, that's black hole bad.

    I wonder if there's any liability with the Indy shop that was driving the car.

    I really hate to hear/see this. If there's no other options, I would opt for the salvaged title. The car can be repaired, and then you wouldn't be in the negative trying to buy another car.

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    Wow man that really sucks. Sorry to hear. Not sure how to advise you on what to do, but I would definitely let them have the car. Negotiate that you want the load paid in full though instead of the $15479 they wanted to give you. Also, tell them you need a rental car in the meantime because you need transportation...

    I think that's fair. Looking at the car, I'd say you're looking at at least $10k in damages. The money they give you will probably just barely pay for the fix, and you'll still have the loan to pay. And you'll have a salvage car, worth MUCH less... Not worth it in my opinion...

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    ugh, this is the worst kind of bad news :{ so so sorry to see this.

    given the pics, i don't think the chances of fixing it back to 100% are that good...esp if there's frame damage. i do think as ryan said you should see if the shop has any liability. when you give them the keys ultimately they are responsible for delivering the car back to you in the same condition you brought it in, even if the accident wasn't their fault.

    as far as the insurance goes, your car is definitely worth more than that. you can definitely contest the value. make sure they understand that your car is not just a standard 330i ZSP, the ZHP package adds significant value on top. you can pull comps of other ZHPs for sale in your area as proof...

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    Ryan, my concern with opting to repair it and just live with the salvage title is if the car finds itself in another accident after being slapped with the salvage title. Insurance then will surely not give me crap for the car - which could be VERY bad since I still owe so much on the car. If it were paid for or close to it, I think I would go the route of just fixing it. I just have this thought in my head of it being in another accident later and insurance only giving me like $5,000 for the car and me still owing like $14,000 or something. Then I still have $9k to pony up on my own...and no car...and have to buy another car on top of that.

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    I hear everyone saying get rid of the car because of the salvage title. If you are planning to keep the car until the wheels fall off (on other words, never getting rid of the car) then I would repair the car and keep it if it's repariable and the money the girl's insurance company pays covers those repairs. Other than the damages seen in the pictures, the car looks very clean... I agree that this really sucks - I hate seeing ZHP's wrecked like that, especially when someone is so stupid that they can't follow road signs ... ultimately, you will have to decide what you want to do. Good Luck...

    OP, you have raised some good points about possibly getting into another accident with a salvaged car. I hear you on this... not that my cars are salvaged, but I had the same concern concerning my ///M, which is why I now drive my ZHP. I still have concerns with my ZHP but that's the chance we all have to take while driving on the roads with idiots out there....
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    Wow, so sorry to see this
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    OP....Keep this car. Even if it is a Salvage Title. But try to get more from what they offer. At least to the amount of the purchase price when you bought it. The most I can see that needs replacement are the hood/bonnet, bumper, right and left fenders. And maybe some other frontal damage that are behind the shown damage. I do not think the frame are bent. I do see the air bags deployed. A very good body shop would be able to do wonders to the damage. We have a shop here in San Diego who is top notch.....Phil Thearle's. Hopefully you do have a shop some where in the 'T' area. In fact, a BMW dealer who has their own body shop would also be acceptable. BTW, try to save some body parts that you can since the body shop would be replacing new on some of them. Good luck with dealing with the insurance.
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    Send your insurance company (by FAX), all receipts of all maintenance performd on the car since buying. Mine reimbursed me (a %) for cooling system, suspension, brakes, vanos etc....that that I had performed only months before being rear ended.

    I don't quite understand why this is your clain though. He wrecked your car. He is an insured driver, hence it should go through his insurnace, no?
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    my car was in an accident that was similar damage when it was almost new. the damages were $11000, new hood, fenders, bumper, headlamps, rad, fan, and all the small stuff.. headlight washers, etc... my car still has a clean title though

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