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Thread: SprintBooster button >> M3 SPORT Button mod doityourself

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    John, the thing about is that all of a sudden it feels like an updated car. Cars today have settings that you can adjust to fit your needs like the ride or sportiness of the engine. To simply be able to control some of those in this car is so awesome. Using is like giving my car an energy drink- green light is a Red Bull, and red light is a 5 hour energy lol

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    so if i want to get this, do i need to look for the V2 and not the V3?
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    SprintBooster button >> M3 SPORT Button mod doityourself

    Yes Sir....

    Sprint Booster Info:
    2 wire Sprint Boosters should be Manual version and 4 wire Auto. This has been debated before and gets confusing.


    Sprint Booster Info:

    Sprint Booster V2 - (SBM10001S) - 6MT -2 wires
    Sprint Booster V2 - (SBBM0002S) - Auto - 4 wires

    The BDD401 is suppose to be for a Manual and the BDD401A is for a Automatic BUT you can use either one apparently. One is just more sensitive than the other. The "A" after the model number mean Auto and also the one they recommend for the "M".

    Found This Info:
    They are cross-suitable. The Auto version simply is less sensitive than the manual version as there is no clutch control element to help you keep it under control.

    This link shows the original version with "NO" mode button. There is no "S" after the model number. "S" = Selectable or Switch version.

    1. The compatibility of some parts may vary between different markets.
    2. All parts ending with "A" (i.e. SBDD451A) are developed for use in Automatic & Tiptronic transmission models (DSGÖetc)
    3. Manual versions (non "A"versions) can only be installed in manual models.
    4. In some early models the throttle connector is located in the engine bay
    5. For Mercedes AMG, BMW M Series and highly tuned models we suggest the use of the Auto version
    6. Switches are not universal. They will only work with the specific Sprint Booster in the box. Do not use the same switch in different Sprint Booster part numbers.

    (FYI Mini Cooper is the same part number as the BMW's)
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    Quote Originally Posted by joeybananaz18 View Post
    So I grabbed a SB off of e46fanatics a couple of weeks ago. Wasnít expecting much. But holy crap, in race mode the zhp is a whole different car. Itís amazing. I have to remind myself that my winters are still on and shouldnít push too much but damn itís so cool.

    Thatís why I have Sprint Booster in all my cars except my Audi (which will change this summer).

    The Sport Button mod was probably one of the most challenging mods, not because it is too complex to do, but because how hard it is to solder everything without burning out the LEDs from the Sprint Booster.

    Even if you donít do the Sport Button mod, just having Sprint Booster connected will change the personality of your car. Lots of fun for those who have it!!

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    Can anyone tell me how much of a difference the auto vs manual sensitivity is? Will the car be too jumpy with the manual trans version?
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