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Thread: Sunroof Repair. Successful!

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    Sunroof Repair. Successful!

    Hi guys,

    I just went through a successful sunroof repair in my '03 330i. Last week I phoned a local wrecker and got a quote for $150-200 for a new cassette. With that info and my previous research into my own car I was happy to begin the project with a $200 budget.

    In the end I found a cassette, locally, for $40 and that was my only cost for the sunroof repair. Super happy with the results and I found quite a few little details along the way that I'd be happy to share with you guys.

    With the headliner out and pillar covers off I took the opportunity to recover the headliner with new fabric and had the same shop re-glue my A & C pillars. That was another $140 cash.

    So in the it cost me $180, sunroof is 100% and headliner is brand new, re-glued pillars look about 85-90%. I'm super happy with the results. If anyone has any questions let me know. Hope I can help!

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    Just did this on mine. Got the casset for $100 and installed that. While the headliner, and pillars are out- Iím having them re covered.

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    Good news

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    Man that's an excellent little project to knock out all of those at once -- and for cheap!

    Removing/installing the headliners in these cars is a chore

    And dropping the sunroof cassette on your head...that sucks too

    Good work!

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