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Thread: What did you do for your ZHP/ BMW / MINI today? #2

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    Did some light work. Also, the air duct from the ZHP had more open area, so I swapped it over. Still have some bumper gaps to take care of.

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    Dead due to damaged valve. We will save her soul for future use, but the body will go to car heaven...or another owner...who may or may not turn her into a race car...

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    To follow up with my last post, a lot of fuckery was needed to get the passenger's cable in. I spent a bunch of time wire brushing and filing the hole in the subframe to no avail. So I decided to remove the bushing on the lever-end, by dremmeling the square base flush with the threads, then pulling the bushing out:

    Unfortunately the threads were ever so slightly too big for the bushing. So I ended up cutting it off, and reaming out the old one with a drill:

    Then pushed the cable through the subframe, and stuck the bushing on:

    And, as the square end mates with the lever to prevent the cable from turning, I had to tighten the nut with a vicegrip:

    Anyways, I did manage to adjust the cables following the BMW procedure to get 2/3 clicks on the lever to get resistance/stopped rotor, even with my stud kit. My car is still on stands and my garage looks like a warzone, so I haven't gotten a chance to test the handbrake on the ground, but it should work.

    So 1.5 days spent with just the handbrake, and half a day on getting my SS lines, rotors, and pads in. Excellent
    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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    Spent a few days finally getting around to doing the OPG on the X5. It wasn't too hard but dealing with the AWD required diff, axle and complete subframe removal. I'll never understand who thought putting the right front axle through the oil pan was a great idea. Car was up on the QuickJack and engine hanging by the Harbor Freight engine support bar for a solid week waiting on the oil to stop dripping on the left front corner where the seam requires Dreibond sealant.

    All in all glad to have it done. All back together and no leaks other than the famous GM A5S390R selector shaft seal. Tool had to be ordered from Germany so maybe next week. It's not like I'm going anywhere.

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