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Thread: Koni Special Active and Bimmerworld RSM

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    Koni Special Active and Bimmerworld RSM

    Last summer I installed Koni Special Active rear shocks and Bimmerworld lifetime RSM's on my 2005 ZHP Ci. All seemed just fine until this fall. On ratty potholed roads, I was getting a rattling sound. Loked through threads and at first was concerned it was the rear diff bushing going bad, but it looked like it was in good shape. I finally stripped everything out of the trunk and crawled back there and put my hand on top of the shock while my wife drove down the road. The sound for sure came from the shocks and timing coincided with the vibrations coming through the shock. I ordered Meyel HD RSM's and installed them this weekend. Seems like it cured the problem.

    I ran the Bimmerworld RSM's on my 325i sedan with sport suspension and Sach's shocks for over 200k with no issues. Anyone out there have any issues running the Koni Special Active rear shocks and Bimmerworld lifetime RSM's?

    2005 330ci ZHP

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    Shouldn't be any different than with any other shocks with those RSMs. Probably just got some bad ones. I probably would have went with like the RE one though. That way you don't have to take apart the trunk the next time you need to take the shock out for some reason.

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