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Thread: ZHP Mafia Team Talent

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    Quote Originally Posted by SC4ME View Post
    The Items I feel somewhat experienced, and would be comfortable working on someone else car, include:

    1. Complete Cooling System replacement
    2. Preventative include wipers, oil/filters, tranny/diff fluids, etc.
    3. Belt and pulley maintenance.
    4. ALL Suspension (had to rent spring compressor and RTAB tool).
    5. Component replacements/upgrades - brakes/rotors, altanators, ACpumps, etc
    6. detailing (up to clay bar but I stay away from polishers!)
    7. Good troubleshooting experience.
    8. Exterior/interior modification, with the exception of the electronic stuff.
    9. I can probably offer a bit of advice on anything, or at least tell you where to find it.
    10. Part research, where to get parts, how the parts have worked for me...etc.

    I've worked on cars my whole life, starting with my first car, a 1965 Austin Healey Sprite and even a few motorcycles I've owned over the years.
    Have most tools and some work space in SD .

    Thanks for posting. You have a PM.
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    1. Post accident repair - Fire/Water damage - cost to fix estimates and finding parts - basically, mostly everything related to salvage cars and car repair.
    2. Full interior swap knowledge.
    3. I know under the dash fairly well.
    4. I know the cluster in and out except for modifying it electronically.

    More to be added as I work on my car over time.
    2003 Oxford Green ZSP 5MT 330i
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    We'll I'm an commercial manager for Advance Auto Parts. I was an master ase tech 9 years ago. I'm in Jacksonville n.c.

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    I detail my own cars. I do all my own work on my cars, from brakes, engine, and electrical.

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    My life with auto repair started with a dad that was always getting raked over the coals for auto repair as my influence. Well that, and Ricky Hoctor my first friend once I was old enough to have friends. Ricky’s dad had a race car so; whenever I was with Ricky we were racing something.

    With that start, I did a 3 year Auto Tech major in high school in the mid-70s. Through the school years I learned every component of a car inside and out with the exception of transmissions, anyone ever heard of Points & Condenser or a Dwell Meter?

    Life from 1978 through 1986 revolved around automotive and during that time specialized in suspension and alignment, tune-ups, brakes, general maintenance, and windshield replacement. As a sub set, I ran a 24 hour towing service for a very large collision shop with eight large locations. Although; I never worked as a body man, frame man or painter, but, working in a place like that for 7 + years things rub off. Still couldn’t get away from hand work and became an aircraft landing gear metal finisher for about 5 years. Now I'm just do it as a hobby and to keep my costs down. I still have most of my tools from back in the day and purchase new ones on a as needed bases. I’m not one for guessing and I’m a bit anal about it being right so, mechanical s is what I still do, leaving all the electrical and oil changes to the BMW dealer. I call it a joint venture.

    Below is a list of what I’ve personally done on the (4) E 46’s we’ve owned over the last 9 years. If anyone has a question, I more than willing to try to help.

    •Install, Under Driver Pulleys
    •Installed, Dinan CAI including headlight removal for duct tube
    •Front & Rear Brakes, Rotors, Wear Sensor & Bleed
    •Battery replacement
    •Water Pump replacement & coolant bleed
    •Installed Koni Sport front Struts
    •Installed Koni Sport rear shocks
    •Replaced Sway Bar End Link
    •Replaced front control arms and control arm bushings
    •Replaced Rear Trailing Arm Bushings (have tool)
    •Replaced belts
    •Replaced head light covers
    •Installed Axillary input
    •Replaced rear window regulator
    •Thermostat replacement
    •Spark Plug replacement
    •Air Filter replacement
    •Cabin Filter replacement
    •Windshield Wiper replacement
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    Thought Il restart an old thread -

    So these were done on mine and my friends cars by both of us -[LIST]
    • Front springs and dampers
    • Brake pads
    • Diff bushings
    • Coolant flush
    • Engine Oil change
    • Front Control Bushings
    • Front sway bar end links
    • OFHG

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    Oh nice never saw this.

    My talent is definitely sniffing out deals and paying for others to do work for me.

    Call me Seth
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    Quote Originally Posted by danewilson77 View Post
    If I wore panties, I'd be dropping them right now.

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    I'm an artisan when it comes to window regulators.

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    Quote Originally Posted by bshovers View Post
    I'm an artisan when it comes to window regulators.
    In your opinion should we be lowering and raising the windows in our cars on a regular basis to help prolong the life of the window regulators? I heard a mechanic say this in the past but never before.
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    ZHP Mafia Team Talent

    Growing up watching and helping my Dad work on cars really paid off. He taught me how to fix pretty much everything there is on a car. Also how to do plumbing, electrical, AC etc. At the time I just loved learning but looking back on how much money I've saved being a DIY'er.

    The most recent big car repair was doing the Vanos and Valve adjustment on my M3. I spent countless hours reading threads on the forums and watching videos on YouTube. If the timing is off you can bend the valves and really screw up the engine. Here's some pictures.

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