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Thread: Key Lock Cylinder Broke

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    Key Lock Cylinder Broke


    I think I've narrowed down my door problem (which has plagued me from my initial purchase). I think my actuator is bad as well, but I did find that one of the parts in the lock cylinder broke. It's made out of pot metal and is apparently designed to break in order to thwart any attempts of theft. I could only recover part of the broken piece and it looks like lower-left or lower-middle part in this link:

    Which one is it? Mine is so mangled it is almost unrecognizable and only have a small portion of it remains.

    I'm planning on buying the product in the ebay link to replace it.

    EDIT: also, I cannot manually push the lock indicator rod down to lock the car... Is this an actuator issue? It moves and locks only when I push the button on my key fob (so actuator works there but not manually???). I cannot unlock the car with the fob after locking it.



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    Ok, I found a video of the assembly here and I believe indeed only one part is used. Perhaps it's for right-side vs left-side driven cars? I'll just buy it and see which one works.


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    Yup, you're right. Just did this last weekend. Not bad at all! Let me know if you have any questions.

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