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Thread: Sedan window trim help!

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    Sedan window trim help!

    Since I bought my car its been missing the rear section of the window trim. I will need to get the entire window trim for the passengers side since its in really bad shape. The thing is that I have searched and all i can find is DIY's for coupes, very little info on sedans. anyone has a link that could help? Another thing is, how can I replace the clamps on the body side? I mean, the las portion of the trim, at the rear, clamps to some white plastic clamps and mine are broken; are these glued, pressed, or screwed to the body.

    Ill take some pics in a couple of minutes and post them so that you can see what im talking about.

    Juan Luis

    2003 Imola Red Sedan

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    I have a bunch of parts from my old car so I'll be interested in seeing what you need.

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    This is such a pain, I have the same problem. The white clips are extremely hard to properly reglue into place. Best way to do it is to buy the whole trim from the dealer, but this is like $600, even at online resellers. Good luck finding shadowline at a scrapyard. Cheapest and 2nd best way is to buy the chrome/matte black trim from a 320/325 from a scrapyard, my local recyler wants $100 per side - and then you wrap it with shadowline vinyl tape from From their pics it looks like a perfect match.
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    I have the same exact issue, bought the car this way under the assumption it was just a $50 fix from the PO. He said you could get just the rear section on that trim. All the lies!

    I'm putting pennies away now for a new piece completely.

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    Some years ago, I was looking to buy a 2003 e46 at a dealership. It had missing the same window trim described above. At the time I didn't know it was a common problem. I walked away, thinking it was involved in a car accident and the body shop failed to do a good repair.

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    is this what you are looking for? these are for the exterior door molding, but if I am incorrect this site still has alot of other clips that are for BMW's.

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    If part of your trim is totally gone this will not help, but I had loose trim and it turned out a couple of the clips about fell off and the foam strip inside was undone. I just gorilla glued everything back in place. Glued it in cold weather and just closed the door on it to clamp it. That was a couple months ago and it's held perfect.

    But ahh... if the trim itself is gone, especially zhp trim, that seems to be a rare unicorn.

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    Incredibly common on the e46. I have replaced a ton of them. I would get an oem piece used from a retailer and re-wrap in shadowline tape. If not, prepare to be bled George Washington style by BMWNA.

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