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Thread: WTB: 330i ZHP (East coast/south prefered)

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    Thanks for the input Bruce. I need to find something by the end of May, perhaps beginning of June. That's when my son returns and will be looking for his replacement wheels...
    BTW, I didn't see your car when I passed by your office (at about 2 MPH in traffic) on Fri @5pm. Let's get together sometime.

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    I work for Oshkosh Defense, a good Midwestern company so we had Good Friday off. If I'm not on the road traveling, I'm normally in the office until 7 PM most nights.

    14 GMC Sierra - mine
    16 X5 M-Sport - wife
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    Former (mo/yr sold):
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    04 330xi blk/gray (7/15)
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    08 335xi blue/blk (4/15)
    04 ZHPci MB/blk (2/14)
    04 ZHPcic IR/Alc (10/13)
    01 540iT anthra/blk (7/13)
    04 ZHPci TIAG/blk (9/12)
    03 540i M-Sport (9/12)
    01 325ci (3/12)
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    05 ZHPci (7/11)
    03 330cic (2/11)
    00 323ci (10/10)

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    This dealer always has high mileage zhp's for less than desirable prices. They don't seem to negotiate at all, and they do seem to turn their cars over. I think the imola sedan alluded to above from October was a different car.

    I can tell you they mark up their cars a sh*& ton. They had a manual 325xit I called on - asking $11,900 - I cross-referenced the car to the manheim auction results and they paid $3,900 for it. When I asked what maintenance / work they had done to it to justify a $8k mark-up, they were at a loss for words. I wouldn't buy anything from them.

    Quote Originally Posted by ELCID86 View Post
    I may have a lead on a car in the Philly area (I'm going up that way for spring break. Would appreciate your insight.

    From dealer: "two owners on this vehicle, the 4th and 5th are the same person. We did the work on the vehicle per the list. There is no Cold Weather Package.

    Replaced three window regulators
    Replaced Sunroof Shade
    Replaced Shift Knob
    Replaced Window Switch
    Replaced Valve Cover Gasket
    Replaced Oil Filter Housing Gasket
    Replaced Radiator Hose
    Replaced Expansion Tank
    Replaced Throttle Boot
    Oil Service
    On the hunt for the cleanest lowest mileage ZHP sedan!

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    Now a zhp owner. Name:  ImageUploadedByTapatalk1365379232.994632.jpg
Views: 122
Size:  28.8 KB. Thanks all for your help during my search.

    Shawn in VA.
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    Quote Originally Posted by ELCID86 View Post
    She just came back to me ans said there were actually 4 prev. owners. Worries me a bit. Any thoughts?

    Carfax is hard to judge for me:
    i actually just google searched this VIN


    since its my car.

    i saw your thread small world.

    i bought it in 2016 from Supreme Auto in Miami FLorida. the carfax show 6 owners with me being the 7th lol

    seeing your comment intrigued me. who said it had 4 owners? a dealer? did you see this car on the lot near where you live or something?

    i know it was a super long time ago sorry lol
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    Quote Originally Posted by nextelbuddy View Post

    i know it was a super long time ago sorry lol

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