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    Quote Originally Posted by LAZHP View Post
    I can print them if I had the file. Do you know if he still has the STL or if he'd be willing to send it? Can compensate a few $ within reason if that helps and it's a sure fit.

    I'll also try and document any issues I run into as I do the swap.

    You will have to reach out to Sergy (RUS_ZHP) to see if he will provide you the file you need to 3D print these.

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    Hey Mafia,
    I wish I can you help you with 3d printed bases. Many things have chance in my live recently.
    I need to get an access to some sort of CAD software, so I can restore the design and have STL files ready. It is an easy design, at least in my experience. It didn't take me a long time to make a file for those bases.
    Once I will set up in my new place, I seriously thinking to go back to tinkering with design and 3d printing. There are plenty of printers that can be have for $300 and they yielding a great quality printed parts.

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    Retrofit OEM M3 side mirrors doityourself

    This DIY has been updated to include modding the mirror baseplates to fit sedan and touring and also modding the door side mirror mounts. There will be more updates to clean up this DIY once I begin the process of installing my OEM M3 side mirrors to my current ZHP

    Like adding autofold motors to the side mirror assembly and where to source the parts from
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    Following this!!
    ~ Paul (Not_Special)
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    Quote Originally Posted by Not_Special View Post
    Following this!!
    As soon as my M5 rep autofold side mirrors arrive the project will move forward regarding putting everything together and mounting them.

    This weekend I will most likely focus on trimming the passenger mirror base plates for sedan fitment.

    Once this is done, I will prep the parts for paint with the base plates being glossy black and mirror housings being same color as my car's base coat with 2x clear finishing them off

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    I have changed over the auto folding motors from the M5 rep side mirrors onto the M3 side mirror arms so I will be working on my side mirror base plates and resume modding them to fit sedan. I am planning to take updated pictures so I can update this DIY the entire process of this mod, in this case using the mirror motor base plates Sergy 3D printed and provided to me, so that I can have this DIY properly completed.

    There will be more done to this DIY so that it will be complete from start to finish.

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    I finished up trimming my mirror base plates for sedan fitment last weekend and prepped both the mirror base plates and mirror housings for paint and got them finished so I can reassemble them and get to the task of mounting them to my ZHP this Tuesday.

    I will be adding additional pictures showing the mirror motor baseplates that Sergy had 3-D printed which I will be using on my side mirrors.

    I can't thank Sergy enough for taking care of me on this!
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    I'm in my last phase of doing this retrofit to my Mystic ZHP by modding both front doors. I was initially planning to do this during the week but decided I would rather have an entire day to do this mod rather than rush thru the final critical phase of mounting these mirrors the right way.

    Since I have to drill two holes in each door in order to have the mirrors mounted, I will need to make a template out of cardboard so that I can easily determine where the two holes I need then use a punch to mark where I will drill on my doors. Part of this retrofit is also trimming off excess metal that protrudes beyond the mirror once it is mounted so I will need to mark off part of this metal to trim off using my Dremel so that once I mount my mirrors they will look clean.

    All this will take time as I want to make sure this phase goes smoothly rather than rushing thru this phase. I will be taking pictures throughtout this process so that I can update this DIY with more current pictures taken from this retrofit. I am looking forward to completing this as it will change the overall appearance of my ZHP

    EDIT: I completed my M3 mirror retrofit - see post below . . . .
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    Retrofit OEM M3 side mirrors doityourself

    Additional updated pictures have been added to this DIY to help explain the process better (see first post of this DIY thread). Hope this helps anyone attempting to do this DIY.

    Final product:

    All the info is here in this DIY to make this happen for those wanting to attempt this. It is more a difficult DIY due to the fabrication involved but once it is all finished is worth all the work involved to get this done as shown in the above pictures

    I followed this DIY pretty much step-by-step when building my M3 side mirrors for my sedan to include doing all the fabrication/cutting/trimming of my mirror base plates and drilling the two holes on each door. I did all the work on my M3 side mirrors as well as painting of the mirror baseplate and mirror housings. This is the first time I have attempted painting everything but it was really not too difficult to do all the work for this DIY.

    Just make sure you plan for adequate time to do this project and not rush any portion of this. Take your time!

    I did the prep/prime/painting/clear coat over an entire weekend as the prepping process took the longest time. Sanding and preparing the surface for paint. Then once all parts had cured, I planned an entire day to build both mirrors and to drill the holes in my doors and then mount the mirrors. Since I had planned more than adequate time to do all of this, the end result turned out very well as the pictures show.
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    Hey Charlie. Which M5 mirrors did you order? Do they autofold left and right at the same rate? Looking to do this mod.
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