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The shittiest thing that happened (and how I found out about this issue to begin with) was the first or second time I washed the car after the big brake install. I didnít go drive the car after and simply cleaned it and parked it. Didnít drive the car for 3-4 days, came out, started it, went to move forward and it wouldnít budge. Had to give it some gas before the pads broke free of the rotors. The pads (ebc red box) stuck to the rotor from the water/soap residue and ended up leaving ridges on the rotor that my Indy had to use a wizz wheel to grind off to make them go away. Prior to him doing that I had moderate shakes when braking.
This has happened on my ZHP several times over the years (various aftermarket pads, on 2 different brand of rotors), but I use Zymol soap not Meguiarís. Strangely it has never happened on my X3 or my old manís E60 using the same soap (OEM pads).