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Thread: Performance Side Mirrors from Khoalty

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    Ah, thanks Charlie. I was actually talking about the OEM M3 ones.
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    Not a fan of how they look in that sedan picture.
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    Quote Originally Posted by johnrando View Post
    Ah, thanks Charlie. I was actually talking about the OEM M3 ones.
    Ahhhhhhh, okay. Yes the OEM M3 side mirrors do require modding the base plates to fit sedans. Then you have to swap over the OE mirror motors to have them work inside the M3 mirror housings so there's a lot of work involved to have these function like OE mirrors but in the long run they are worth the effort

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    Hmmmm going to say do not want on those mirrors... the effort required in fitting oem M3 ones is well worth it! (See Charlie's sig abovee)
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    Does anyone have an idea on how much painting would cost? $225 is a tad steep but if the mirrors are spherical I may be able to justify it to myself. Lol


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    I am on my phone so I'll have to look again when home but these look kinda tempting.

    Especially is painted to match the shadow line trim/piano black grills.

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    I shot Khoalty an email about these:

    Quote Originally Posted by Khoalty
    Quote Originally Posted by Crickett
    Hello Khoalty!

    I have a question about E46 Performance Mirrors that I saw here:

    I'm wondering how the "power autofold" feature works: do the mirrors fold in (like sedan mirrors), or up (like coupes), & is the interior mirror switch with the power fold button required, as well? Also, do these come with the aspherical "blind spot" glass, as the picture seems to show?


    "Crickett" on

    The mirrors will fold just like the coupes, they will bend up. The mirrors will need a switch from the dealership that you need to purchase so with a hit of a button, the mirrors autofold up on a push. Nothing else is required.
    They do come with the blind spot as shown

    1. The mirrors fold "up" like coupes.
    2. Power folding requires the power fold mirror switch (P/N 61 31 6 901 383).
    3. These come with the aspherical glass.

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    Quote Originally Posted by BavarianZHP View Post
    Does anyone have an idea on how much painting would cost? $225 is a tad steep but if the mirrors are spherical I may be able to justify it to myself. Lol
    I pay $50/cap at the BMW dealer.
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    I think the bigger question would be the motor and compatibility with the ZHP ribbon set up. What would they say about this?

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    ^Thats what im wondering also.

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