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  1. DME Update for the BMW E46 330 ZHP
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  19. Remote window simultaneously drop
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  21. Schwaben BMW/MINI Scan Tool
  22. Seat heater on by default
  23. Any coding experts want to do some remote coding on my X5?
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  32. 4K Dip
  33. Cable Suggestion Wanted to use INPA and NavCoder
  34. Anyone have a Catless CEL delete tune?
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  36. INPA and NavCoder Help Needed
  37. M3 cluster, remove DSC light, change VIN, increase mileage?
  39. Possible to lock car with key in ignition?
  40. How to enable triple blink on a 4.5 LCM using NCS Expert?
  41. Secondary Air Pump remove (recode)
  42. Coding E46 Cornering Lights
  43. Which modules to code when adding xenons ($522) to Vehicle Order
  44. Coding SMG cluster to manual and 4 door?
  45. how to change M3 cluster back to M3 ZCS/FA?
  46. Help: Wiring up AEs using LCM pin 44/45
  47. Sedan Window Drop on Opening Doors
  48. Conditional Speed Lock
  49. Need help installing PA Soft
  50. Correcting VIN and mileage on DME, cluster, etc
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  54. Trying to reach Tony Lam
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  59. Removing front foglights
  60. PASoft drivers suddenly uninstalled and cant reinstall them
  61. ANyone with a Touring and PASoft that can screen shot LCM coding screen?
  62. Adding miles quickly to the odometer?
  63. Coding Convertible Convenience Open/close with Windows
  64. WTB Inpa?
  65. Dead horse - E46 M3 Cluster Install - Already Terraphantm Prepped
  66. Renovelo MS45.1 O2 and SAP delete
  67. Zionsville low temp thermostat vs oem elec puller fan (2006 ZHP a/t)
  68. Hazard Lights
  69. Digital Speedo in a KM/h Cluster?
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