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  1. BMW OEM Performance Accessories questions...
  2. Up the BMW 330 ZHP performance...
  3. Dinan CAI for BMW E46 330
  4. Unicorn questions: BMW Performance exhaust, not the same as BMW 330 ZHP
  5. Anyone used these headers?
  6. Magnaflow Exhaust $679 shipped
  7. ESS Twin Screw Upgrade
  8. BMW Performance intake installed on my BMW 330i ZHP
  9. Bmw performance intake
  10. Dinan 20% Off Sale on all Performance Software
  11. What's in your BMW 330 ZHP?
  12. Shark Injector??? How do I Tell???
  13. Ignition coils & spark plugs
  14. CDV delete??
  15. Shark Injector Installed
  16. Clutch Stop
  17. Modified BMW 330 ZHP Stock Exhaust Sound
  18. Things That Give You a Warm Feeling on a Cold Night
  19. Supercharge? or Naturally Aspirated (Mods)?
  20. Spark Plugs and Fuel Injectors
  21. GForce Performance Chip for BMW E46 330 ZHP
  22. Best Budget Performance/Handling Upgrades < $500
  23. Custom performance clutch- interest?
  24. My Active Autowerke (AA) Headers and Active Autowerke (AA) Exhaust!!
  25. Shark Injector Information/Event.
  26. upgrade to LSD
  27. Fuel
  28. AFE CAI - Dyno proven 20hp & 27 ft lbs gains??
  29. List of Upgrades and Actual Results
  30. Dinan vs. Shark?
  31. BMW E46 330 ZHP and Non ZHP Dyno graphs.
  32. High-Flow Catalytic Converter for BMW E46
  33. BMW Performance Exhaust sound?
  34. Supersprint Exhaust sound clips
  35. BMW 330 ZHP specific performance software ?
  36. K&N cold air intake
  37. S54 found... somebody please hide my wallet...
  38. AA Group Buy, ~$300
  39. Bigger diff
  40. Bmw performance exhaust
  41. E46 ZHP Suspension Upgrade Kit from ECS Tuning
  42. PSA: The Hypermiling Thread
  44. Just got my BMW Performance muffler installed
  45. Custom Exhaust question
  46. BMW Performance Intake
  47. UUC TSE3 to buy or not to buy?
  48. Quaife LSD?
  49. Who's rockin' the Magnaflow cat back?
  50. I am going to start adding up the items needed for a California Smog passable Ebay headers setup.
  51. Whats a good intake to put on?
  52. Stronger rear end components
  53. Short Shifter Thread (SSK)
  54. Aural pleasure...
  55. Building a list for performance options.... Need advice
  56. BMW Performance Strut CF Version
  57. OH NO the little can with the drippy thing light came on.
  58. Bmw performance strut bar aluminum
  59. K&N?
  60. Got headers and hate the rasp?
  61. Deeper Exhaust tone
  62. Modifying Stock Airbox on BMW E46?
  63. Best CAI for ZHP? (HP wise)
  64. BMW Performance Short Shift Kit
  65. aFe causing smushed intake boot?
  66. Carbonio intake
  67. $100 headers too good to be true?
  68. Straight pipes after headers (oem header w/cats) to magnaflow 14815 tomorrow!
  69. So tell me more about the Conforti Shark Injector
  70. More Torque/Passing power?
  71. excessive crank time
  72. Autologic Performance Tune
  73. N52 N51 headers
  74. Noob Questions: 004 of 100 - Contemplating 'Lumma Design UK' STW Rear Wing Spoiler on a '06 330ci M-Tech ZHP (e46)
  75. Iridium Spark Plugs
  76. Lets talk rear ends.
  77. Quad Exhaust / both sides of diffuser
  78. Should I Be Worried?
  79. DME tune options for Step?
  80. headers
  81. Any experience with STEP transmission performance s/w?
  82. CLutch an such
  83. Anyone know anything about Schmiedmann Headers
  84. heavy clutch chatter idling in neutral, and at shut off(normal i know)
  85. Has anyone lost or secured their oil pump nut? Does it come from the factory with thread locker?
  86. Eisenmann sport or race?
  87. Anyone here running the VF engineering supercharger kit for 330i?
  88. Master List of exhausts for the ZHP/330i
  89. Straight Pipes
  90. Oil light on, engine failed
  91. I have a custom dual out set up, need help on battery compartment.
  92. Question about a custom long tube intake
  93. short shifter
  94. CEL caused by ambient temp sensor... Interesting find.
  95. More header questions
  96. BMW Performance Intake........?
  97. Loping idle
  98. Rear End Swap
  99. Stuff collected in a Catch Can
  100. Do I have everything? M3 rear end swap...
  101. 100 octane fuel?
  102. Quiet Moments.....with Jim Conforti - Addressal of the 4k Power Dip
  103. aFe 54-10451 Oiled Air Filter
  104. Here is what your ZHP will sound like with headers, no cats/resonators, and a 3" pipe in the middle of a custom exhaust install
  105. Hybrid Exhaust Question
  106. AFE Stage 1 intake: Coupe fitment
  107. Clutch Questions
  108. Dinan Carbon Fiber Intake Tube..?
  109. Magnaflow cat-back #16533 Install Notes
  110. Modding the Magnaflow 16533 cat-back
  111. Inexpensive header alternative?
  112. AFE Throttle Spacer 2.5L
  113. Clutch Question
  114. Trouble starting
  115. Datalogging for MS45 Soon, Goes great with your Eurocharged Tunes etc..
  116. Need advice: Lightweight flywheel + clutch
  117. Gruppe M intake (Look Quickly!)
  118. Exhaust trade
  119. Hypothetical exhaust question
  120. Clutch Options
  121. dead stock resonator
  122. Dinan Free Flow Exhaust
  123. Time for Coils (for the engine)
  124. BMW Performance Exhuast
  125. Dry vs. Oiled
  126. Dinan cai
  127. Decisions, decisions...
  128. 2 or 4 Delron Carrier Bushings for Shifter?
  129. If I were to Super Charge Lucy.....
  130. BMW CF F30 Shift Knob - It's a polling thread
  131. Schmeidmann 200cell Headers
  132. CDV Hydraulics Explained
  133. Exhaust tips: Any recommendations?
  134. Wavetrac LSD for E46 non-M
  135. E46 OS Giken Super Lock Limited Slip Differential Unit
  136. Adding Horsepower to a ZHP
  137. Thoughts about this (tune)...? (DRM Motorwerks)
  138. A Sad Day for a Jet Black ZHP
  139. Can a Steptronic take it?
  140. Camber with HR springs?
  141. Which intake to get?
  142. ESS Supercharger
  143. Supercharger
  144. Possible intake restriction?
  145. Shark Tune and fuel economy?
  146. Tune, flash, injector, s. booster, pedal box... Or what?
  147. MS45: Disabling sensors/monitors
  148. Don't drop your spark plugs...
  149. Headers + Stock Exhaust
  150. First Mod: Headers or Shark Injector?
  151. E46 Master List of Intakes
  152. Ordered parts
  153. Anyone using Datalogging and/or attempting to edit their DME?
  154. Smog FAIL!!! List of codes....
  155. Think Tank: CA "Legal" Headers
  156. Headers on our cars
  157. ECIS Intake (RE) or AFE (Turner)???
  158. Glass Pack for a resonator
  159. G Power Supercharger
  160. Shark Injector Question
  161. conforti shark injector REview request
  162. Who can explain static lock on LSD
  163. light weight fly wheel or just rigid?
  164. Diff Bushings
  165. does any body have a 1/4 mile or 0-60 real world breakdown for performance mods?
  166. HG Motorsports ECU tune adds 23HP to a ZHP in San Diego
  167. any reasons NOT to supercharge?
  168. Interesting post header mod removes codes (not all of them).....
  169. The Official Dinan Thread
  170. Best Short Shift Kit?
  171. BMW Performance Air Intake - no longer available?
  172. Team MFactory LSD
  173. LSD types and brands (picking the right one)
  174. Dinan Carbon Long Tube CAI
  175. headers with cats (pacesetter version)
  176. UUC pullies from ECS ?
  177. Possible filter replacement for Gruppe intakes?
  178. Engine
  179. AFE Stage 2 CAI Installation Issue
  180. Bimmerbrake headers install?
  181. Underdrive Pulleys, who's got em? Worth the $$??
  182. Engine Replacement
  183. Read/Write to your DME, MS45.1, Tune your own Car
  184. Anyone rebuilt their ZHP motor?
  185. Limited-Slip Differential FAQ
  186. Another (Slightly Different) Intake Question
  187. Any Experience With the Injen SP?
  188. Traction all over the place, wavetrac LSD installed
  189. aFe or Borla Exhaust?
  190. LSD Install
  191. ESS Tuning Twin Screw Stage 2 (TS2) Supercharger Install Notes
  192. Easy and affordable performance mods...
  193. Removing resonator
  194. 3.64 diff
  195. Remus Responder
  196. Bimmian iboost
  197. Afe stage 1 vs Afe stage 2
  198. Shark Injector vs Eurocharge
  199. Electric Engine Fan replace Fan blade/ clutch
  200. VANOS
  201. Installing Headers on the ZHP
  202. Mishimoto Radiators
  203. Upgradability of Corsa axle-back exhaust
  204. What else would I need to complete a manual swap?
  205. Has anyone on here converted from MS45.1 to MS43?
  206. Found Gruppe M replacement filter - Should I buy it?
  207. Aftermarket Filters and why OEM is Better.
  208. Powerflex Black/Race FCAB's Installed
  209. AA Supercharger vs Technique Tuning Turbo
  210. Has anyone installed the M3 Diff?
  211. Can't tighten Corsa TSE3 clamps sufficiently
  212. M3 S54 exhaust manifolds for ZHP M54
  213. Best choice for limited-budget strut tower brace?
  214. K&N CAI???
  215. LSD and Dynamic Stability Control (DSC)
  216. BMW Performance intake or Dinan Intake
  217. exhaust system size: video
  218. Magnaflow Headers
  219. WTB: UUC TSE3 full exhaust
  220. New Mishimoto 330i Air Intake ??
  221. ESS twin screw versus ESS vortech
  222. Intakes for my 03 ZHP...
  223. Does the oiled AFE aftermarket filter discolor over time?
  224. My 1st Post! Need forum advice on exhaust mods...
  225. Did Dinan redesign their intake for our cars? IIRC these were a lot more than $256
  226. Gauging interest for o2 Simulators
  227. New member and owner looking for advice with project car!
  228. Sprint Booster V3 vs PedalBox
  229. The ZHP transplant into my e46 wagon has been...a bumpy road.
  230. Just wanted to update info on the $256 Dinan Intake. It's CARB approved for us Cali folks :)
  231. Shark Injectors 25% Off at Turner Auto
  232. Shark Injectors 25% Off at Turner Auto
  233. LSD question
  234. RHDEngineering ITB
  235. LSD off of an automatic
  236. Any MS45.1 Plug+Play ECU replacements?
  237. Different Driveshaft for Diff Swap?
  238. Injen Cold Air Intake
  239. Headers on stock ZHP
  240. ZHP Performance Mods
  241. Schrick Camshafts on a ZHP 264/248
  242. Ceramic Coating Aftermarket Headers
  243. ZHP NA Project - More Power
  244. Getting close on a Supercharger
  245. Diff replacement ?s
  246. Valeo Single Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit for 6spd
  247. AFE Pro Dry S Filter / Drop-in Filters
  248. Tuning the ms45.1 for the ESS twin screw supercharger kits
  249. ESS Tuning Twin Screw Superchargers Discontinued?
  250. VF Supercharger Installed - Upper radiator hose