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  1. BMW pulling left/right at slow speeds
  2. Heater is not working properly
  3. For the mafia techs...trunk lid shapes
  4. Minor problems, possible dealer only fix
  5. Jump Starter?
  6. BMW E46 windshield wipers
  7. Lazy BMW auto windshield wipers
  8. So when/if BMW COUPE windows freeze...
  9. BMW steering wheel vol up/down sensitivity.
  10. Clicking in engine bay
  11. Why is there crack on my face?
  12. Help! BMW 330 ZHP randomly stalls out.
  13. My Snowflake Wont Leave Me Alone....
  14. List of indie BMW repair shops by city & state
  15. SRS Peake Reset tool for loaning.
  16. BMW E46 Washer pump
  17. Rotten Egg Smell when I start my BMW 330 ZHP
  18. Hood Insulation
  19. BMW DIS Software
  20. BMW E90 misfiring
  21. Washer fluid leaking through hood nozzles
  22. Battery for BMW E46
  23. Oil pressure switch
  24. Experience With Non-Vanos BMW M62 Engine Requested - Misfire Issue
  25. BMW E46 330 ZHP SRS Airbag Issue
  26. Hey Dane! Do these codes look familiar?
  27. Weird instrument cluster behavior
  28. BMW E46 throwing and clearing P0161 code
  29. K & N Drop In Filter -- Thoughts & Discussion
  30. wtf noise
  31. I'm really scared... I see the mustard
  32. VCG change FTL
  33. Cold Start Noise
  34. For the techies......
  35. Trunk trigger
  36. Help - Jumpy Idle and Stall in Warm / Hot Weather
  37. Death rattle?
  38. Flapping/ Clicking sound coming from the dash after switching off engine
  39. BMW E46 Touring - troubleshooting a malfunctioning rear wiper
  40. Stumbling on hard acceleration
  41. BMW E46 330i ZHP O2 Oxygen Sensors
  42. Upgrading
  43. Need some input
  44. "Catastrophic" Drivetrain Failure
  45. water/fog in LED tails
  46. Which fender liner is it?
  47. Oil level light?
  48. Brights don't work after AE and LED corner install??
  49. p0171 and p0174 with aem cai
  50. How do I remove the BMW shift knob?
  51. Help!!! Noises...crap
  52. M-Tech II BMW E46 front bumper removal (sedan) - tips? DIY instructions?
  53. EXTREME rough idle at R and D gear, but ok in P & N.
  54. Trouble moving stick shift into gear
  55. BMW E53 X5 Panoramic Sunroof FIXED!
  56. suspension experts...need some ideas.
  57. Massive Trouble After CCV Replacement - Need Serious Help
  58. Help! My effin' wheels will not come off.
  59. My 2002 BMW E46 325: Difficulty Turning Left (Resistance in Steering Wheel)
  60. Do our mirrors fold in or what..
  61. How to fix bumper sag (Facelift w/ 1 piece lights)?
  62. SMG Hydraulic Fluid (Pentosin CHF 11s)
  63. Code P0444 Evap Emissions Control Purge Valve
  64. Got a weird sound unless I push the clutch in.
  65. Clutch Squeaking Noise?
  66. Burning Clutch
  67. New noise...yay.
  68. Side Skirt Clips
  69. Question for you guys with headers...
  70. zhp starter
  71. Automatic Transmission and Yellow Brake Warning Lights In & Out. Meh.
  72. Power Window Click Noise
  73. Problem with my Knob
  74. Transmission Problem?
  75. O2 faults on 2004 BMW ZHP
  76. Car Not Starting
  77. Somebody Help I F'd up!
  78. Another Transmission thread.
  79. E30 Coolant Problems
  80. Which o2 sensor connector goes to which bank?
  81. Vanos issue "detection" with Autologic Computer?
  82. Squeaky Noise and Check engine soon light
  83. 3rd gear hesitation or something...
  84. Bad clutch?
  85. Is my Valve Cover Gasket going?
  86. Newbie - Needs Advice/Help!!!
  87. Weird stutter @ 5000 RPM
  88. Vibration on acceleration from stop
  89. What does your car do to piss you off?
  90. Steering Wheel Judder when Braking
  91. Whistle at low throttle?
  92. M3 mirrors sort of work... but mostly don't
  93. Clunk sound when changing directions
  94. DISA humming continued over a minute after engine turned off
  95. Rear lower control arm replacement DIY?
  96. Small rattle from underneath...
  97. P1510: Idle Control Valve, Throttle Body or both?
  98. The clicking noise in rear passenger side
  99. Click, click - no start.
  100. Possible Transmission Problems!? Please HELP!!
  101. sheared bolt...need advice
  102. Check Engine Light..
  103. Post cooling system overhaul issue
  104. My MPG gauge died
  105. Hidden OBC Access/Codes
  106. Cracked Lining? Where can I get this fixed?
  107. rattle still present after replacing vanos seals AND rattle repair kit .....
  108. Drive Belt Snapped -- Cause?
  109. Troubleshooting the window regulators
  110. Window rattle clanking etc? Anyone else get this?
  111. Went for a spirited country drive and got a DSC,ABS and BRAKE light in return :(
  112. Muffled sound from speakers
  113. orange oil light
  114. Is my brake caliper seized?
  115. Brakes squealing?
  116. bumper sagging due to cracked bracket
  117. Tail light moisture
  118. Hot Coolant?
  119. Hesitation during acceleration
  120. BMW Online Repair Manuals
  121. tail lamp wiring faults: was there ever a recall for this?
  122. Hood Latch and Roundels
  123. The Official ZHPMafia APB Call Center
  124. Power window, fail
  125. FTM lamp on dash came on red, then yellow, then gone....
  126. Crimping new pin outs, has anyone done this.
  127. Changed my Passenger rear window regulator today.
  128. I need a favor, can someone pop.....
  129. Seriously?
  130. Steering wheel clank
  131. I broke this trim piece.
  132. Bad Vanos?
  133. DSC & BRAKE lights come on yellow
  134. Clutch gurus invited!!
  135. Lights on the left side are intermittent
  136. ABS ASC and BRAKE lights on!!
  137. Steering rack change - 32 13 6 757 651 or 32 13 6 755 065
  138. Fuel Pump Fail and roadside mechanic DIY fix
  139. Vanos seal/rattle repair kits
  140. Homelink Garage Door Problems
  141. 4000 RPM Power dip in an AUTOMATIC ?
  142. Loose trim
  143. homelink mirror
  144. Expansion Tank Took a Dump (pics)
  145. Vanos didn't solve it?
  146. Manual swap
  147. Clunk when braking
  148. CD quit working
  149. Time to change transmission fluid?
  150. Baltimore-area DIYers
  151. Idling Problems - Any easy way to diagnose?
  152. stuttering zhp
  153. weird thing I've kinda gotten used to
  154. BMW 330i ZHP Steering Wheel Angle Sensor Information and Discussion
  155. Low Tire Pressure Sensor fail?
  156. Rear shock tower mount......again
  157. Part number sleuths, I need your help!
  158. Loose cube trim piece passenger side
  159. Starting when Hot
  160. BMW Blower Fan (HVAC)
  161. Odd Electrical Issues... Trip Odometer and Radio
  162. DISA Valve Video
  163. Oil in first cylinder Spark Plug Tube
  164. That auto transmission T-stat was toast/ greased tensioner/ rollers also. Pics
  165. Just got my ZHP - Many questions inside
  166. My e46 is driving me mad!
  167. Difficulty when shifting into third gear...
  168. Dual mass flywheel
  169. serpentine belt replacement with what else?
  170. Wet Driver's Side Floor/Where is the Sunroof Drain?/Where is the A/C Condensation Tube?
  171. Slight stutter/hesitation when cold starting car after aFE intake install
  172. Brake issue?
  173. Fuel system issue
  174. Ideas on non-OEM C/F Diffuser Install?
  175. Anyone near Los Angeles with an SRS reset tool?
  176. Calibrating Exterior temp?
  177. Alignment specs for ZHP unique or not?
  178. Stutter when cruising
  179. Minor Irritating Start Up Issue-Opinions please
  180. Squeaky windows w/ convertible roof
  181. rough idle, dying after start (on RARE occasion)
  182. Chugging
  183. Weird - Both fog lights developed condensation...
  184. Wooshing sound coming from wheels/tires?
  185. Power Steering and Battery Light and Coolant all went to hell
  186. Ate a Pheasant
  187. P0171 & P0171 cleared with new fuel filter, but then P0301 came in
  188. Intermittent Electrical Problems...
  189. PS hoses, should i replace all of them?
  190. does this sound like a door vapor barrier?
  191. Problems with my passenger side mirror - Won't look down.
  192. I'm Sick-Opinions Please
  193. RPMs bogging down during hard acceleration, Help Plz!!
  194. Oil Filter Housing Cap
  195. SES light on. How can I get the codes?
  196. Gawd, I Hate the E46 Sunroof
  197. Engine just shuts off while at a standstill in neutral
  198. Need help. My USA Spec install went wrong.
  199. Brake and traction control lights on.
  200. Can you name this problem in one word?
  201. Need a little help deciphering these codes
  202. Vibration when starting in first
  203. Passenger seat recline feature not working 1-way
  204. Do keys have a replaceable battery?
  205. Steering Issue... Jerks to the Right.
  206. Trunk cylinders
  207. Grinding Noise at Start up
  208. Lifter tick after autocross
  209. RPM jump during decel/braking
  210. Looking for part (numbers)?
  211. Rear license plate bulb intermittently working
  212. just discovered that my zhp had an smg
  213. Angel Eyes wiring help
  214. HELP! - AL HID low beam doesnt wanna work
  215. Does anyone elses emergency break make noise after being parked.
  216. Clunking or rubbing sound from front
  217. Alignment done today - Still drifts to the left and steering wheel still not center
  218. E46 BMW 330i ZHP P0172 & P0175
  219. R.e. Battery and alternator testing
  220. Glove box repairs
  221. i killed my zhp. help!!!
  222. Fuel Pump
  223. Cost to replace the AC evaporator?
  224. My oil leak FML thread.
  225. DSC & Brake light both Yellow
  226. Help my lower back and key FOB!
  227. Flat Tire Monitor (RPA) Red Light
  228. My oil leak mess
  229. I finished up a partially stripped hex bolt.
  230. QUIZ - Who can identify this part?
  231. lets see how good you are...E32 V12
  232. Right Side Mirror doesn't turn down anymore
  233. Valve Cover Gasket oil leak??
  234. Car Stuttering on Cold Start
  235. base plate shear
  236. Coolant Temperature Sensor
  237. Driver's door only one responding to central lock?
  238. Curious About Two Things
  239. Oil light came on
  240. Starter woes
  241. FYI: Traction control and brake lights on? Read this.
  242. Starter on the way Out
  243. Temperature gauge shows intermittent behaviour
  244. Clutch Rattle?
  245. shifter slop
  246. My fob won't unlock the doors!!
  247. Does your heater valve make noise?
  248. BIG HOLE destroys Fender? need help please =]
  249. resonators/silencers cut off?
  250. Auto tranny slipping