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    Eibach Pro VS Eibach Sportline for ZHP vert

    Hello all, just to let everyone know, I posted this over at e46F as well, but I value your opinions too and want the Mafia's advice. I have a 05 ZHP vert and I am doing a complete suspension refresh. I have already decided I am replacing my shocks and struts with Koni yellow sports and know that I want some amount more of drop then my current set up (zhp suspension) so I am deciding on springs now. The problem is, I don't know how much drop and am deciding between the eibach pro or sportline. I live in Michigan and the roads are "ok", and I don't want to be bottoming out anywhere or having my bumper taken down by a pot hole. Do you guys think the sportline would be to low, or just that perfect amount of drop with that amazing look I am looking for? And then do you think the pros would be to little of a drop from my current set up and not even be worth it to spend the money, or would they give me that more aggressive look I am going for, but still give some ground clearance when needed? However, what I don't want to happen is to get the pros and have them be a waste of money in terms of not noticing a difference from my current height/drop.

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    I went H&R Touring Cup Kit (which uses Biltsteins) for my vert, so I can't comment on the Eibachs.
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    Go with the Pro-kit... You will definitely see a nice drop that will look just right. If you want that "slammed" look, go with the Sportlines. I used to always run the Pro-kit on my cars and I think they're a great blend of drop and ride quality. They're stiff, but still manageable, and the car is still at a good stance. Low enough to make you look back as you walk away, yet high enough to get into and out of parking lots without having to worry (too much anyway)...
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