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Thread: E36 guy introducing myself

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    Welcome fellow track rat.

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    Welcome. Your e36 looks super sharp. Interior pics ?

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    Welcome and beautiful car! My favorite color for the E36!

    AFE stage 1 CAI, Silicone Stett Intake Boots, AA Headers and Exhaust, AA Tune, Cat Delete, Hicon GT Adjustable Coilovers, Quaife 3.07 Helical LSD, EVO 3 SS Kit, UUC Organic Clutch w/ UUC LW Flywheel, GTR rep carbon fiber hood, CSL rep carbon fiber trunk, CDV delete, something something forged internals, MotoZ projector headlights, Sony bluetooth/touch nav, & lots of love

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    Welcome. Nice E36. GLWsearch.

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    "ZHP or not, I still like you"

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    Dynavin D99+, Hardwire V1 (w/V1 Connection), BSW Stage 1 Speakers, Kicker Amp/Subwoofer
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    Welcome! Beautiful estoril ///M. Best of luck with your 330 search.

    Please visit my build page here, on CarDomain.

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    The Plane is a 1966 C182 my Dad and I just bought (mainly my Dad) I'm a Regional airline pilot so we bought the plane for my Dad to get his licenses.

    The cars a work in progress for now. Was progressing really well until the plane and I had to park the M3 and focus money on the plane for awhile. It's on PSS9 coilovers, BBS RK wheels with 245's all around. AKG motor and trans mounts. AKG race shifter. Motion motorsports under panel. Etc etc lol huge list of stuff, so far mainly maintenance related. I'll be dropping the rear end in a month or so to replace everything as that's the only thing I haven't gone through yet.

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    3rd wheel is on the wrong end! Just kidding....nice bird and nice E36!! Love that color.

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    Welcome. Nice e36 and good luck on the search.
    On the hunt for the cleanest lowest mileage ZHP sedan!

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    Would have loved a 180 trust me!!

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    Welcome. Love the M3/4/5! Hope to have one myself someday. Good luck with the ZHP search. Also, excellent choice of hanger decor.


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