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    Umnitza CSL Reps

    Thinking about picking up some Umnitza CSL Reps but can't find too much info on them. At $625 for a staggered set it's a pretty good deal. Anyone here running them?

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    I didn't know they even had csl reps, so I can't speak on the quality of those.

    But, I bought VMR VB3s (csl reps) and they have held up great so far! We have pretty crappy roads where I live and they have no bends or dents or anything. I believe I paid about 850 give or take from
    Shawn, 801

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    From what I've read they aren't a horrible wheel. I'd be carefull however, you never know with some stuff. Also, I'd look to see if they are certified by any of these standards.

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