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    Yes . . . I purchased a second Garmin Dash Cam Mini 2 this time for my Porsche

    I ordered a SanDisk 256GB MicroSD card to put into this dash cam.

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    Looks like while I am installing my new Garmin dash cam and Rennline phone charger, I will also be integrating the Auto headlight function into my Porsche this Spring.

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    My Porsche is set for some much needed maintenance and I have set up delivery to my Porsche Indy shop on the 18th of June where they will have my Porsche for about a month of work which will consist of:

    - Full cooling system overhaul (replacement of all rubber hoses, removal of all plastic hoses from engine block and installing metal pipes and pinning them to the motor, and replacement of front 3 radiators for all aluminum CSF radiators)
    - 60,000 mile service
    - Plug/Coil replacement
    - Fuel filter/pump replacement
    - GT2 clutch slave cylinder upgrade
    - Stage 2.5 clutch
    - all associated o-ring replacement from engine
    - Fluid changes: AWD transfer case oil, Engine oil, Transmission oil, Diff oil and brake fluid
    - replace low tone horn
    - install CANBUS ballasts for Xenon fogs
    - install RSS motor mounts
    - Install TPC/DSC module
    - Properly aim my new Morimoto LED XB 992 style headlights
    - Refresh my brakes (front and rear)

    It is quite the list but when done my Porsche will be good to go and I can begin enjoying it again
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    It has been done . . . I made this purchase for my Porsche today with 3-day FedEx delivery. Looking forward to upgrading my Porsche to LED lighting

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    I just purchased this radio upgrade from Porsche Classic as well . . . PCCM+ which brings Apple CarPlay and upgraded electronics to my Porsche

    I will be installing this into my Porsche once it arrives . . . it should not be too difficult to do . . .
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    Charlie's 2008 Porsche 997 turbo

    I just ordered the TPC/DSC module this morning . . . adding this will further enhance my PASM suspension when it is installed.

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    I also ordered these RSS motor mounts for my upcoming Porsche maintenance

    Going to install fresh RSS motor mounts in my ride . . .

    Lots going on this year even if I am using shops to help me get things done this summer . . .
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    Today I decided to add the following to my upcoming Porsche project for 2024 . . .


    These will go nicely with my new Aero Wing which will also get painted to match my GT Silver paint on my Porsche. Lots getting done for this amazing ride as well.

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    Also sourcing these new Brembo Type 3 two-piece rotors for my Porsche . . .

    EDIT: The new type 3 two-piece rotors have been purchased . . .
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    Lots of big (beautiful) upgrades, the CF bits are *chefskiss*
    2005 BMW 330i ZHP - BMWP calipers/intake/strut bar/shifter, M3 CSL front/M3 rear rotors, Coby wraps interior, BBS CH wheels, Eagle Eye LED tails, LED fog lights, GC coilovers, Sprint Booster/sport button mod, 4.5 LCM w/ programming, Xtrons 9inch HU, BSW stg1, dynamat, M3 sedan dead pedal, oCarbon CF interior trim, CF seat backs, 2x2 CF MTECH2 diffuser, CF cabin filter cover

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