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    Charlie's 2008 Porsche 997 turbo

    I realize this forum is BMW-centric but as Ayan eloquently put it this is more a "family-oriented" forum where we all can share in our automotive passion. so in that spirit I have decided to start my Porsche 997 turbo project thread here in this forum.

    It has been an interesting few weeks when I just decided that I wanted to have a 3rd car... probably because of Ray's unique influence as he has more than two cars... Thanks Ray!!

    Then there's Jon Estrella who a few here know (remember Jon's Orient Blue supercharged ZHP?) - Unfortunately Jon's ZHP fell into the wrong hands and it ended up getting parted out... such a shame, it was one of the cleanest ZHPs I have ever seen... anyway Jon had a lot to do with how I ended up having this Porsche 997 turbo now sitting in my garage... we have been exchanging texts for awhile and I have been on the fence about getting a 997 turbo and Jon convinced me that the maintenance for this car is really not as bad as I have thought...

    As I began my search for the right 997 turbo w/ a Mezger soul, a co-worker friend of mine told me about an ad he saw from New Country Porsche in Greenwich, CT. and forwarded me the link to the for sale ad they had for a 997.1 turbo. These were the pics from that ad that caught my attention:

    The dealer agreed to change out the lip spoiler as the one on the car was in bad shape...what caught my attention was this little rectangular device at the bottom of the center grill . . . a K40 Laser jammer

    I sent an inquiry to the dealership asking for more information on the Porsche and within 5 minutes of hitting send the Pre-Owned Manager, Rich Del Mazzio, gave me a call and we talked about my future Porsche for about 15 minutes. He was forthcoming with every question I had and told me that the car was in the shop for the 30k mile service and invited me to stop by to take a look while the car was on the lift. I set up a time that Friday to come down and go over the Porsche and to see whether or not I would be seriously interested in this car. As you can see the car was being worked on so I took these pictures... this was the first time I actually saw and touched my future Porsche...

    Original price of this car when brand new was: $133,860.00

    The car checked out and I was allowed to go over the car's entire maintenance history since this car was serviced at this dealership from initial delivery to the time I purchased it. Everything checked out until the dealer discovered a bad starter motor so I told Rich, the dealer's service manager, to address any unforeseen issue such as this starter motor and I will come back to test drive the car.

    The Porsche was in near perfect condition inside and out and you could smell the leather throughout the car as soon as you went in... every detail gone over, the car looked like a brand new car. There were additional features I liked such as the unique color (GT Silver which comes from the Carrera GT), rear parking sensors, and K40 suite installed. Of course the car has an all black interior which was very important to me...

    By the second time that I had come to the dealership, we already worked out the numbers and came to an agreement both the dealer and I could agree to and made the deal. I had the cashier's check ready and worked with the dealer's business manager to get all the necessary paperwork signed and processed so I could take ownership of the Porsche. Here I am below sitting in my Porsche for the first time as it's new owner...

    Funny thing is that I am still getting the hang of using the K40 and when I thought I had it turned off it would come back on... not good when going into any military installation...

    The picture below is the window sticker that my Porsche came with from the factory:

    I am really appreciating everything this car has to offer and absolutely love the silver-grey shade that this car has...

    All I can say is that when the dual turbos kick in this car is brutally fast.... I feel like I'm in the Space Shuttle taking off. The Brembo BBKs that come standard with this car has to be one of the most awesome braking systems I have ever felt. This is by far the most perfect "sports car" I have ever owned and driven to date...I hope some of you will have the same opportunity as I did to eventually get your dream car so you can experience what I have with my Porsche.

    Here are a list of mods I want to eventually do for my new whip:

    - Eibach Sport lowering springs
    - GT2RS rear sway bars
    - GT2RS carbon fiber side intake scoops
    - interior LED lights

    M O D S:

    - 18 way Adaptive Sport Seats powered, black leather/heat/memory with Porsche Crest on headrest
    - OEM GT2 Sport Chrono Clock
    - Platinum/Black Epoxy OEM Porsche hood crest
    - Clear Side Markers w/ 6000k LED bulbs
    - Porsche factory Short Shift Kit
    - 997.2 Sport Design Alcantara steering wheel retrofit
    - Gen 2 Sprint Booster for 997.1tt
    - Fabspeed chrome plated Quad exhaust tips
    - Clear laminate film from headlight armor for headlights
    - Rennline tow hook license plate bracket
    - Zunsport black mesh grills
    - Updated LED 997.2 style tail lights for 997.1 (made in Taiwan, not Korea)
    - 50% smoke tint for tail lights
    - Updated 6000k D2S HID headlight bulbs
    - 6000k 12v 100w xenon gas-filled halogen H11 flash to pass bulbs
    - 5000k CAN BUS HID fog lights
    - New set chrome monochrome Porsche crest center caps installed
    - Valentine V1 Hardwire
    - Updated 997.2 ignition key fobs
    - 5000k LED rear license plate lights
    - Silver Sport Aluminum Gas Cap
    - Turbo Aerokit Spoiler Lip
    - Dension 500S BT bluetooth integration (hands free BT, BT streaming, iPod integration and USB)
    - Titanium Wheel Lugs w/ Titanum locks
    - Morimoto XB Bi-LED Headlights

    Upcoming Mods:

    - CSF Aluminum front Radiators (all three front radiators) - (Summer 2024)
    - Pinning coolant pipes to engine block and full cooling system overhaul - (Summer 2024)
    - Turbo Aero Wing/rear deckled retrofit and refinishing to GT Silver - (Summer 2024)
    - Stage 2.5 clutch - (Summer 2024)
    - GT2 Clutch slave cylinder upgrade - (Summer 2024)
    - Porsche PCCM+ - (Summer 2024 - this will delete my current Dension 500S BT setup)
    - Garmin Dash Cam Mini2 - (Summer 2024)
    - Auto Headlight retrofit - (Summer 2024)
    - Rennline Magnetic Phone Charger mount - (Summer 2024)
    - TPC DSC - (Summer 2024)
    - Rennline carbon fiber intake - (Summer 2024)
    - Rennline carbon fiber intake ducts - (Summer 2024)
    - Brembo Type-3 two-piece rotors (front/rear) upgrade - (Summer 2024)
    - GT2RS carbon fiber (2x2) side vent covers - (Summer 2024)
    - GT2 Lower Trim Sill kit - (Summer 2024)

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    Charlie's 2008 Porsche 997 turbo

    Interior pictures

    The headliner is alcantara suede...

    The attention to detail is stunning... the stitching is silver to go with the car's exterior color...

    Porsche “Comfort seats” soon to be replaced by powered, memory Adaptive Sport Sests

    Passenger's side door

    Exterior lighting Updates

    Rear LED tail lights (made in Taiwan, not Korea). Does not ruin my Porsche...I get a lot of complements from other Porsche owners on how my car is set up....

    6000k Xenon headlight and H11 bulbs

    DRLs and 6000k HID fog lights

    The DRLs were awesome while they lasted but there were some quality control issues associated with them and they ultimately failed due to moisture intrusion in one of the turn signal assembly so I pulled this mod after a year’s use and went back to my OE setup. Until the modded turn signal assemblies are sealed such that there is no possibly for moisture intrusion, I would not recommend getting them.
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    Quote Originally Posted by cakM3 View Post
    probably because of Ray's unique influence as he has 3 cars... Thanks Ray!!
    Again, congrats and thanks for looping me in on the secret. Happy for you, but please don't blame me. I should serve as a warning rather than a role model.

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    Looks incredible! Looking forward to seeing more pics!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Karl Lazlo View Post
    Again, congrats and thanks for looping me in on the secret. Happy for you, but please don't blame me. I should serve as a warning rather than a role model.
    Not blaming you you credit!

    Quote Originally Posted by Campster23 View Post
    Looks incredible! Looking forward to seeing more pics!

    There will be more pics taken over the weekend... lots going on since I have picked up my Porsche and I'm exhausted at the moment. I have a lot of detailing ahead of me to really bring out the shine on my Porsche... she looks awesome now but I can get her to look even better...

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    Oh man this thing looks amazing. One day I'll own one lol. Congrats on the purchase!

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    Shawn, 801

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    Looks awesome Charlie. Great pics and congrats on the ultimate beast

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    Jon Estrella - 997 Turbo

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    I'll add mine to your thread :-) Name:  Image1463102518.130291.jpg
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Size:  413.9 KB

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    Jon Estrella - 997 Turbo

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    Looks really good Charlie. Congrats!

    When I was still in Cleveland, I worked with a guy that had a 03, 996 all wheel drive. He would drive when we went out for lunch and that car was insanely quick and agile. Would have liked it more down here that the crappy city pot hole streets of Cleveland, OH.

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    Charrie's 2008 Porsche 997 turbo

    Congrats again Charlie!! Never really been a Porsche guy but dam that looks so Bad Ass!! The color combo is so Sweet!!
    Charlie what is the HP rating on it?

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