I've been chasing down a vibration in my engine that pops up between 1-1300k, 1900-2100k and a couple other rpm ranges that are consistent. I recently pulled all the belts off to see if the vibration was there and it was very slightly less. I still need to get under the car and look/feel for vibrations around the transmission tunnel but I'm guessing my DMF or harmonic damper are shot.

To date I've swapped in an M3 timing chain tensioner, upgraded to a gates overrunning pulley (noticeable difference in smoothness) and installed new M3 engine and trans mounts. The CCV, disa valve gasket and oil filter housing gasket were done 3 weeks ago. Last weekend I pulled/cleaned/lubed and retorqued all of my spark plugs as well as pulled each coil and they all check out.

Knowing we have a harmonics issue does anyone know if the sprung hub vs DMF will be fine on its own for a month or so while I save up for the ATI Damper? Could I possibly track with it? I'll be doing the oil pump safety wire job at some point but the vibration is starting to worry me that it might wear the internals.

This is the kit i'm looking at for the 6spd, I believe it has everything and should be very close to the stock weight. My thinking is that SMF offer more feel which is good for technique and driver engagement and the ATI Superdamper is a must for track duty. I'm open to other options but I wouldn't want to go outside of 5lbs lower than stock weight.


Thanks in advance, I use the forums for all my projects.