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Thread: 2016 Mustang GT - My Dream Car

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    2016 Mustang GT - My Dream Car

    As most of you already know, I am obsessed with Mustangs. I have always liked them, but when the 2005's came out something triggered in me and I became OBSESSED! I always loved Ford's growing up in Michigan, and my Grandfather was an Engineer at Ford and my uncle just retired from Ford as an Engineer.

    I could go on and on about how much I love Mustangs and how badly I've wanted one, but I'll just fast forward to the good stuff. After wanting one for almost 15 years, I was finally in a place to get one! I have been searching for over a year. I had a few options I had to have. It had to be Deep Impact Blue and a GT Performance Pack. I really wanted a red or brown interior, but they are damn near impossible to find. I only found one with a brown interior while looking every day for a year. That one was not in great condition.

    So I found a 2016 GT Performance Pack with 10,000 miles on it, but a black interior. I can deal with a black interior for a car with 10,000 miles and CPO'd with a 7 year/100,000mi warranty. So I flew down to Florida to pick up the car I have been dreaming of for YEARS! I was nervous/excited/anxious/ and somehow all at the same time just calm. It didn't really hit me and still hasn't. On to pictures!

    I look like an idiot, but I've never been happier, so who cares!
    I was finally holding the keys of my dream car! Great feeling!
    When I finally got her home. I think it's time to thin the heard. BMW will be posted for sale whenever I get a chance to fix a few small issues.
    I love this color! It needs a good buff, but that is coming.

    Random shot:

    Took off the wheels and cleaned and coated them. The car will get the same treatment soon.
    These rotors are as big as the wheels on my Miata. I'm not used to brakes this big and they BITE! Love them!
    The coating:

    First "mod" was getting Apple CarPlay working. I had to swap out the USB port in the center console and now it works!

    At my sisters house and thought my brother-in-laws Raptor looked cool next to the Mustang.

    All the pictures were taken with my iPhone. I haven't had a chance to do a proper photoshoot with this car yet! Soon though!

    I LOVE THIS CAR! The power is awesome and the brakes are incredible! I am so glad it is everything I dreamed of and then some! It would have been awful if I wanted one for all these years and then didn't like it!

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    Nice! Mt ftw!

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    Congrats, sir ! Mustang looks very sharp.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
    152,000 miles

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    Awesome dude. They really did a great job with this last generation of mustang and that color is gorgeous. When do the racing stripes go on???

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    Love it, but be careful around the crowds

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    dude.... LOVE IT! when this generation of mustang came out... with IRS, perf package, etc - frig, man - i wanted one. still do! would love to hear some driving impressions and/or videos, compared to the ZHP.

    someday i will have one. i need a V8.

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    2015 VW Golf TSI Comfortline 5MT

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    Hope to see you on 74 with this beast!

    2003 Blue ZHP Sedan @ 210k
    Dead due to damaged valve. Parts are being transferred to a wagon:

    2003 325iT Japanrot 6MT @ 230k

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    Congrats! I love those new Mustangs! And that is one sweet color. Had thoughts on getting one before setting my sights on a ZHP. I think the ZHP makes more financial sense for me at this point But that Mustang looks so good... PM me if you want to sell your ZHP.

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    Nice looking car! Me and my uncle test drove a 16 Shelby GT 350 recently and boy do they sound insane! Definitely a head turner!

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    Quote Originally Posted by holyc0w View Post
    Love it, but be careful around the crowds
    Lmao you just couldn't resist huh

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