After spending 40-60 hours over 3-4 months, I wanted to share some of my learnings while retrofitting ZKW xenons to my halogen ZHP. I hope to help others, as a lot of this project was pure guessing, and trial and error.

The story is:
• I bought my dad’s ZSP for my wife, which came with badly burnt ZKW xenons.
• Right before the sale, he purchased AL xenons from one of JP’s contacts, but did not install
• After I bought the ZSP, I swapped the ALs onto her car. Easy plug n play with only minor trimming to the bracket.
• I had these ZKWs sitting in my garage, doing nothing. I decided to retrofit them using The Retrofit Source’s Retro-Quik kit.

The project is:
• Install the TRS Retro-Quik kit
• This involved:

⁃ Insane levels of cutting/trimming of both the OE plastic housing and the brand new projectors from TRS
⁃ Dealing with almost NO instructions from TRS
⁃ Diagnosing a failing driver side xenon after installation
⁃ Rewiring of the majority of the wires in the assembly (of the one failing assembly)
⁃ How to retrofit Xenons to a Halogen car
⁃ Dealing with failing alignment screws

Overall it has been a success and I’m happy with the results.

Prior to this project, I new NOTHING about headlights on the E46. Now, I think I’m probably in the top tier of knowledge. Special shoutout to BP for answer many of my wiring questions.

If you have any questions, please ask here or via PM.

For the full review, see my video here:

Products purchased for this project:
The Retrofit Source Retro-Quik ZKW Repair Kit:

Wireloom harness / electrical tape:

Heat shrink tubing:

20 Gage dark green wire:

20 gage red wire:

20 gage white wire:

20 gage grey wire:

18 gage brown wire:

18 gage yellow wire: