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Thread: Fixing my ZHP

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    Man, I think Estoril has got to be my favourite colour on these cars... well actually, hard to decide between that and Imola.

    I did notice it seems like the body shop did not take their time with front bumper fitment. Shouldn't be too bad of a job to get it to line up nicely, then it's miiiiiint
    2004 BMW 330CI ZHP (well, technically ZAM)

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    Awesome progress

    Looks amazing!

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    stunner for sure

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    Hey everyone! I'm finally back. Life has been so hectic recently, i haven't had a minute to spare with school starting and moving house and too much to do. I've done a few more mods to the car, and have a bit more coming too. I finally got the transmission and rear differential serviced, I took out the centre console and sanded the rubber off/plasti-dipped it black, put in M3 seats, put in aluminium foot pedals, and put sound insulation material underneath the rear seats and behind the door cards. I'll have some pictures posted soon, I just wanted to give an update and let everyone know i'm still here

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    Nicely done! Would love to see some pics

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