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Thread: Porterfield R4-1 Track Pads

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    Porterfield R4-1 Track Pads

    I recently took my ZHP to the track (Putnam Park road course) for the first time about 2 weeks ago and experienced some brake fade that I wasn't expecting.

    I have recently done a lot of modifications/general upkeep to get ready for track conditions including BC Racing BR coilovers, Michelin PS4S, new front hubs and wheel bearings, new tie rods, Motul RBF 660 brake fluid, stainless steel brake lines, and of course the Porterfield R4-1 brake pads in the front. I understand some of what I listed doesn't have anything to do with braking but I figured I'd list anyway.

    My problem is, I now have a very squishy pedal and have bled the brakes multiple times with my pressure bleeder using the standard procedure. I also felt that when these pads get up to temp the pedal feel is slightly more firm, although you really have to get deep in there to get significant braking force. This makes heel toe downshifts pretty difficult when the brake pedal is much lower than the accelerator when braking hard at the end of a long straight.

    Has anyone used these pads with our cars and know the characteristics of them and does anyone have any insight to if I did something wrong or there's an issue with my braking system?

    Thanks in advance!

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    Something you could try is an ABS bleed using INPA. Also, how worn were your pads? I went from Hawk HPS pads with 30% life, to random no-name street pads with 70% life in the front and the pedal feel got much better. To be fair I did re-bleed the fronts when I threw the stock pads on, but did not observe any bubbles and the fluid was still light yellow.
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