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Thread: FS: OE CSL Dipstick kit *Socal*

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    FS: OE CSL Dipstick kit *Socal*

    Well if you haven't kept up from my other FS posts.

    Quote Originally Posted by sillieidiot
    Ok so I have a lot of BRAND NEW OE CSL and E46 M3 parts that I'm about to list lol It's a continuation of my moving/garage sale. Keep on the lookout if you wanna bundle stuff together. I'll be listing them in their own separate threads. Maybe like a couple posts a day cause there's too much shit. It's a lot of work to open brand new stuff up to take pictures and then put them back nicely. There's only one item that I did not open to take a picture because I did not want to damage them at all.
    Next I have a OE CSL Dipstick kit. I know, reaching, but it's located in the engine bay lol

    Brand new, never installed, only opened to take pictures.


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