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    My Mystic Adventure...

    I'm also sourcing this rear diff finned cover to install on my rear diff

    I have a few good projects already lined up for my ZHP during the upcoming 2024 car season.

    - AutoSolutions SSK install (recently done)
    - Corsa TSE3 install (recently done)
    - pre/post O2 sensor replacement (recently done)
    - CDV Delete (recently done)
    - B Pillar (upper & lower) replacement
    - Turner Aluminum Power Steering Reservoir
    - Brembo BBK upgrade (planned)
    - Rear finned diff cover from Sergy
    - Roof and roof rails getting professionally repainted
    - CSL bootlid painted (same shop)
    - Rear bumper repainted (same shop)
    - Morimoto bi-LED projector retrofit (planned)
    - DINAN rear tower brace install (planned)
    - New front lip spoiler install (planned)
    - Refinish headliner (planned)

    This is just a start of what I will be doing for my ZHP this car season I'm sure something else will be added to this list as the season progresses. As promised there will be more progress to follow on my ZHP build

    EDIT: I made the purchase of Sergy's finned rear diff cover this morning. I will also source new rear diff bushings and diff drain plug when I replace the rear cover . . .

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    Much more planned for this ride and more to update on my list of mods and maintenance on my first post . . .

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    Quote Originally Posted by cakM3 View Post
    I will be replacing my current Wilwood brake setup for a better Brembo BBK setup for my ZHP sometime this car season.

    The yellow calipers with two-piece rotors will be a very nice addition to this daily driver

    I will be giving away my Wilwood brake setup to someone once I have installed this Brembo kit . . . Once completed, all my cars at my garage will be equipped with Brembo BBKs. I will be ordering this kit by April 2024

    Edit: I just confirmed with the guy who will be building my Brembo BBK (as shown above) so I am going forward with upgrading the braking setup on my ZHP during the 2024 car season

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    Great progress as usual!
    Looking forward to the details on the BBK install.

    Also please share an exhaust video

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    My Mystic Adventure...

    Quote Originally Posted by JPMo View Post
    Great progress as usual!

    Quote Originally Posted by JPMo View Post
    Looking forward to the details on the BBK install.

    Also please share an exhaust video
    I am away on travel this week but if I get home by the weekend I will coordinate with a friend of mine who lives nearby and I will make a few exhaust videos of the Corsa TSE3 exhaust mounted on my ZHP.

    From the driver's perspective, I love this sound and am very glad I have this exhaust installed on my ZHP

    Regarding the BBK pictured, I have a set of 997 GT3 adaptive sport seats to sell then once I get the cash from that sale, I will be purchasing the BBK kit pictured and will be installing them on my ZHP.

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