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Thread: 02 325iT Orient Blue / Beige. 5MT. Modified. 133k miles. $12k socal.

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    02 325iT Orient Blue / Beige. 5MT. Modified. 133k miles. $12k socal.

    Looks interesting. (link)

    Looks to be owned by someone knowledgeable about the e46, from the ad:

    Thinking of taking on another project car... The touring would have to go due to limited space..
    This car has been extremely well cared for, drives, handles smoothly. It is my current daily.

    Lots of major maintenance items have been addressed (please refer to records below) and car also has quite a few exterior, interior, and performance upgrades.

    Registration has just been renewed.

    2002 BMW 325i Touring Facelift model
    Orientblau Metallic Exterior / Tan Interior
    133K Miles
    Sport Package (Sport Seats, Sport Suspension)
    5 Speed Manual
    Clean Title

    Modifications to the car:

    Powertrain / Performance:
    Pedal Commander Throttle Controller
    Mishimoto Cold Air Intake
    Racing Dynamics Stainless High Flow Headers
    Dinan High Flow Exhaust
    Valeo Single Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit
    Wellso Flash Tune

    ZHP Front Bumper Conversion
    Yellow Fog Lights
    Tinted Windows
    Full Paint Color Correction and Ceramic Coated
    OEM Roof Base Bar

    ZHP 3 Spoke Alcantara Steering Wheel
    ZHP Alcantara Shift Boot
    ZHP Alcantara E-Brake Boot
    ZHP Weighted Leather Shift Knob
    Aluminum Pedal Covers
    OEM Rubber Floor Mats
    OEM Sun Shade

    ST Streetline Coilovers
    OEM Front and Rear Strut / Shock Tower Reinforcement Plates
    Dinan Front Strut Bar

    17x9 et.42 Apex Racing Wheels
    Motorsport Hardware 10mm / 12mm Spacers
    Motorsport Hardware Stud Conversation Kit
    Michelin Pilot Sport 4s Tires 245/45 Square

    Maintenance Conducted (all OEM parts suppliers unless otherwise stated):

    ---June 2019--- (107,500 miles)
    Full Detailed Inspection
    New OEM ZHP Front Bumper
    New OEM ZHP Front Bumper Bracket
    New OEM Fog Lamps
    New OEM Fog Lamp Covers
    New OEM Sunshades
    ZHP Alcantara Steering Wheel, Shift Boot, E-Brake Boot (Cleaned and Installed)

    ---July 2019--- (108,300 miles) Cooling System / Suspension Overhaul
    New ST Coilovers
    New ST Swaybar Endlinks
    New OEM Front Strut Mounts and Reinforcement Plates
    New OEM Rear Shock Mounts and Reinforcement Plates
    New Rear Top and Bottom Rubber Spring Pads
    New OEM Power Brake Booster
    Brake Fluid (DOT 4) Bleed and Flush
    New OEM Coolant Expansion Tank
    New OEM Coolant Level Sensor
    New OEM Upper and Lower Radiator Hoses
    New OEM Fan Switch
    New OEM Radiator
    New OEM Water Pump
    OEM BMW Coolant Flush
    New OEM Drive Belt
    New OEM AC Belt
    New OEM Drive Belt Idler
    New OEM Drive Belt Tensioner
    New OEM BMW Rubber Floor Mat Set
    New OEM BMW Rubber Trunk Mat
    New Bosch Front Windshield Wipers
    New OEM Rear Windshield Wiper
    New OEM Jack Pads (4)

    ---August 2019--- (109,000 miles) 2 Stage Paint Job
    2 Stage Paint Job with Warranty
    New OEM Side Skirt Clips
    New OEM Door Chrome Trim Clips
    New OEM Upper Trunk Interior Cover Trim with New OEM Clips
    Pedal Commander Throttle Response Controller

    ---September 2019--- (109,500 miles) Full Ceramic Coating
    Oil Change (Ravenol 10w40, Mahle Oil Filter)
    (4) Wheels Refinished to Gun Metal Metallic
    New ShiftSolution Co. Custom Shift Knob Wrapped in Alcantara
    Full Color Correction, Polishing, and Ceramic Coating by Legends West Auto Care

    ---October 2019--- (111,073 miles)
    New OEM Driver Window Regulator
    New OEM Drivers Rear Window Regulator

    -----November 2019--- (112,500 miles)
    Oil Change (Ravenol 10w40, Mahle Oil Filter)
    New OEM Intake Camshaft Position Sensor

    -----December 2019--- (114,700 miles)
    New OEM Fuel Tank Breather Valve / Purge Valve
    New OEM Differential Bushings
    New OEM Subframe Bushings
    Differential Fluid Flush
    Roof Drain Tube Cleaned up
    New OEM Amber Corner Lights Housings
    New OEM Side Marker Housings
    New Corner Light bulbs
    New OEM A Pillar and Air Bag Trim Covers
    New OEM Windshield Wash Fluid Pump

    -----January 2020--- (116,000 miles)
    New BMW Key Fob with New Battery
    New OEM Key Fob Battery (spare key)
    New Driver Side Door Lock Cylinder Repair Kit

    -----February 2020--- (117,000 miles)
    Oil Change (Ravenol 10w40, Mahle Oil Filter)

    -----March 2020--- (120,500 miles)
    New OEM Fog Lamps Set
    New OEM Fog Light Trim Ring Set
    New OEM Left Mirror Cover
    New OEM ZHP Center Air Intake Duct
    New OEM ZHP Front Fender Liners (Left and Right)

    -----April 2020--- (121,100 miles)
    ZHP Front Bumper Repaint
    ZHP Front Bumper Re-Ceramic Coating
    Headlight Polished and Sealed
    Dinan High Flow Exhaust

    -----May 2020--- (121,700 miles)
    Racing Dynamics Stainless High Flow Headers
    New OEM Exhaust Manifold Gasket
    New OEM Exhaust Pipe Flange Gaskets
    New O2 Sensors Extensions
    New OEM Antenna Amplifier
    New OEM BMW Roof Base Bars
    New OEM BMW Bike Carrier
    New Mishimoto Cold Air Intake

    -----June 2020--- (122,750 miles)
    Oil Change (Ravenol 10w40, Mahle Oil Filter)
    New OEM Stubby Antenna
    New APEX Racing Arc 8 Wheels (17x9. Et. 42 Square)
    New Michelin Pilot Sport 4s Tires (245/40/17 Square)
    Dinan Front Strut Bar
    All (4) Brake Calipers Refinish to Daytona Yellow

    -----September 2020--- (126,800 miles) Oil Pan Gasket
    New OEM Oil Filter Housing Gasket
    (4) New OEM Oil Return Line Crush Washers
    New OEM Oil Pan Head Gasket
    Oil Change (Ravenol 10w40, Mahle Oil Filter)

    -----November 2020--- (130,000 miles)
    Oil Change (Ravenol 10w40, Mahle Oil Filter)
    New OEM Oil Level Sensor with O Ring
    New OEM Power Steering Fluid Reservoir with Cap
    New OEM Power Steering Hose – Reservoir to PS Pump
    New OEM Power Steering Hose – Cooling Coil to Reservoir
    Power Steering Fluid Flush
    New OEM Driveshaft Flex Disc
    New OEM Transmission Mounts
    New OEM Exhaust Flange Gaskets
    New OEM Front Control Arm Bushings and Brackets
    New OEM Driver’s Front Window Regulator
    New OEM Shift Lever Pivot to Support Arm

    -----November 2020--- (131,200 miles)
    Wellso Tuning Flash Tune
    (Vanos Timing Advanced, MPH Limiter Removed, O2 Sensor Removal, Cam Position Advanced)

    -----January 2021--- (132,800 miles) Clutch Upgrade / Replacement, Shifter Rebuild
    New OEM Rear Main Seal
    New OEM Rear Crank Seal
    New OEM Pilot Bearing
    ECS Tuning Shifter Rebuild & Upgrade Kit
    (OEM Plastic Washer, Dowel Pin, Shifter Ball Bushing, Shifter Lever Circlip, Shift Rod Joint, Bearing Pin, ECS Tuning Teflon Shifter Bushing, Tuner Motorsport Polyurethane Shifter Arm Bushing)
    ECS Tuning Stainless Steel Clutch Line
    Valeo Single Mass Flywheel Conversion Kit
    New OEM Steel Clutch Fork Pivot
    New OEM 3-Pin Mass Air Flow Connector
    (3) New OEM Jack Slk 2.8 Ela with Cable (12320143427)
    Oil Change (Ravenol 10w40, Mahle Oil Filter)

    -----February 2021--- (133,200 miles) Oil Separator Replacement Kit
    New OEM Dipstick O-Ring
    (2) New OEM Crankcase Ventilation Hose
    New OEM Upper Lil Separator Vent Tube
    New OEM Crankcase Pressure Regulator
    New OEM Oil Return Pipe

    Car is located in Tustin
    $12,000 obo

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    Lots of great maintenance, and manual tourings are popular, but most mods seem superficial to me.

    I'd like to a 3.0 engine swap, preferably a ZHP engine swap..

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