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Thread: Looking to buy a ZHP

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    Looking to buy a ZHP

    Hey all,

    Let me know if this should be in a different part of the forum, but I am looking to buy a 2006 6-speed Coupe from a friend and just wanted to get some info from you all on what you think a reasonable price to offer is. The car is spec-ed in Imola Red over Natural Brown and has a little over 178k on the clock right now and comes with a relatively new set of snow tires in Style 169s in addition to the 18-spoke Style 135M wheels. It's been very well maintained over its life by its previous owners and runs a top (I've been driving it for the past month or so). As far as I know, the only mechanical need is new front brakes. There are no dash lights and no leaks. The car has lived up here in Minnesota for most of its life and does have some rust to show for it, mostly along the driver's side rocker. It started to show within the past two years. Otherwise, the paint is in stellar shape. The interior is pristine with no rips or tears in the leather and, frankly, looks like the inside of a car with 100k less miles.

    I am having a very difficult time embedding the pictures in my post here but you can view them in this album.

    I'm excited to hear your thoughts! Thanks,
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    Here are photos:

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    Like it! Great combo. No clue on price but unless you can DIY the rust fix, figure about $3-5k to get it done well.

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    Thats a nice interior/exterior combo. Interior looks to be in excellent shape for the mileage. The body appears to be your biggest issue as there are rust spots all over various parts of the car. To me, an entire repaint of the body would need to be done to fix the rust issues before they become so bad that it renders the car "inoperable".

    In my opinion: that car is worth $5-6k at best due to mileage/rust/overall condition. I think if you steal it at $5k its exactly that, a steal.
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    Imola red with natural brown is a rare sight indeed.
    Even if it's a friend's car, I would still get a PPI done just to be sure. It's better to clear things up now than buy the car, and you find out the VANOS has issues and makes the situation awkward with your friend later.

    The rust is the real killer for me. I would take it to some body shops in the area to get a rough estimate on what it would take to get it properly repaired.
    If it didn't have any issues or rust, I would say that color combination with the mileage should probably fetch around $9-10k.

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