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    Engine cuts out momentarily while driving / idle

    ZHP Mafia Family,

    Been awol for awhile... car has been running great!

    Until a little glitch this morning...

    Car was up to temp, ran some errands. Cut out ONCE right before a pulled into a store... thought "I need to put a can of seafoam in the tank" as I just filled up with 91 non-eth yesterday...

    Then, after that, the problem started to be more frequent, see this vid:

    Cuts out for 1 sec, (rpms drop to 0, battery light comes on) then comes right back up... very annoying as power cuts in that 1 sec. Car doesn't die (I don't need to restart). Happens load or no load, doesn't matter. Really picked up about a mile from work... was able to limp into work. I would time my acceleration right after a cut.

    What I've checked: Battery terminals tight in trunk, serpentine belt good, no visible issues in engine bay.

    Searched some here and e46fanatics (replied to a thread there), and 3 things seem to be possible causes:
    1. Crank sensor
    2. Ignition Switch
    3. Alarm issues (less likely, stock USDM car)

    Thoughts?? I do have a hardwired Valentine1, but other than that, no other electrical add ons.

    From what I can tell, it DOESN'T kill full accessories.. (need to check if radio cuts) but my V1 seemed to stay on. (chirping in vid, but unrelated)
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    Have you done any maint/repairs to the car lately?
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    About the time you experience the error, were you on flat ground or did you drive over any bumps? ?

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    Fuel filter? or pump changed, ever?
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