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    FS: 04 BMW 330i ZHP 6MT Imola/Blk leather 93k miles/ FL

    2003 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
    2004 BMW 330 ZHPs For Sale
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    Hey Mafia,
    I am probably going to list this on BaT eventually. Wanted to get some opinions on a price target? I'm not in a hurry (I love this car), so I'd rather the slow dime than the quick nickel. However, I'm not able to get a "stated value" or "classic car" insurance so I do want to sell before some chucklehead runs into me and my progressive insurance wants to cut me a check for blackbook. I don't want to auction so I kind of need some feedback so I can get a "level set" on what I can really get for this. oh, and also if anyone is interested? ping me also.....
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    Seems fair. I’d ditch the smoked side markers.
    2003 330i ZHP; Imola/Alcantara 6 speed, 2002 330xi ZSP; Blue gray/Black 5 speed

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    $21.5K is pretty heavy.

    Don't get me wrong, I think my ZHP is worth twice that

    I hope you get what you're asking but <100K mile zhp, I'm thinking $15-$17K may be more realistic. Others feel free to chime in.

    Call Me Dane l 2/2004 330i ZHP l 18x8 ET45 BBS CK's wrapped with Michelin Pilot Sport AS3+ @ 245-40-18 l KW V1 Coilovers in front l KW V1 springs w/ Bilstein B8 dampeners in rear l BMW Performance Rotors l UUC StrutBarbarian l Racing Dynamics Rear Strut Bar l Jim Conforti Shark Injector l Light Birch Interior Trim l Bimmian Celly Mount l M3 Trunk Mat l l e90 Performance E-Brake & Shift Knob l M3 Tri-Stitched Boots l AL Headlight Retrofit with ZKW Lenses l CobyWheel Wrap w/M3 Stitching l LCM sw 4.5 triple blink and rear fogs l Maple Interior Trim

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