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    The ZHP Mafia SIGFest 2011 Thank You Thread...

    There are so many thank yous to be said that I think a thread should center around them. This place is such a love-fest already, we might as well fan the flames a bit.

    I'll start:

    DANE - Thank you for your hospitality, your planning, and your all around leadership this weekend. You opened your home to us, introduced us to your wonderful family, and made everyone feel welcome. We all appreciate it very much.

    DAVE - Thank you for those ridiculous appetizers Friday night. Holy crap is all I have to say about that london broil.

    GARY - Thank you for contributing so much to the food efforts. Texas white hot? Learn something new every weekend...

    BOTOND - Thank you for being a well-behaved roommate. hahahaha.

    KRISTEN - Thank you for the best line, obvious as it was, of the weekend: "ARE YOU HORNY!?" Or is it Horney?

    MARK - Thank you for founding this thang!

    BELLISIMO - Thank you for amazing food and service!

    JOHN - Thank you for leading us on the drive!

    I'm 100% sure there are many thanks to go around, so let's hear them. Don't be afraid to reiterate one I mentioned already, and please, add to my list:
    - Marc

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    Great thread idea.

    First and foremost, I would like to thank all of the members that couldn't make it to the meet.


    Because we have such an awesome group of members, that the Boss and both site moderators could be at a meet and pay very little attention to the site for nearly three full days with no worries.

    I can think of no better testament to the quality of the members here. So thank you to all of you who kept the site rolling while we were off playing in Virginia.

    As for the members at the meet, I'd like to thank each one of you for making our first Beast Coast get together such a blast.

    I met great people and had a lot of fun.

    Absolutely cannot wait until next year!
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    Just got home almost 10 hours. Brain is fried...............

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    I want to thank the Marcus for creating the forum that brought all of the great members together. It was your brainchild that made this happen.

    Dane, for hosting and being such and incredible guy.

    Everybody that was there. Thank you for being as awesome in person as you are online. You guys made this one of the most awesome and memorable weekends I've ever had. You guys are the best extended family I could ask for.

    Sent using Tapatalk on my rooted Droid. Wut?

    EDIT: John, for the awesome drive. I didn't get the chance to thank you in person. So, thanks a lot for the great route you chose.
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    Thanks to all....for being as you are on this forum. Truly remarkeable people.

    Special thanks go out to all who traveled great distances, as well as though who contributed to the meet either financially, with food, with maintenance, comaraderie, or emptying mt fridge of beer....hehe. Can't believe you guys left me with

    It was safe, quality, fun time with the Mafia, that really can't be summed up with words.

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    It was a more than successful meet. Thanks to everyone that showed up and of course Dane for hosting it, you guys wore me out. And a big thanks to Keith for giving me a ride home on friday night.

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    The same to dane, especially danes family,. Thanks for putting up with us. Dane, thanks for it all, host, tools, flat spot in the woods for my tent, coffee in the morning, and all the smart ass comments about my vanos

    Boss. Awesomeness. You are full of great ideas. Keep them coming. I like it.

    We forgot kyle in the first post. Kyle. Thanks for the crab, brother!

    JW. Thanks for the help tearing down my vanos while your father was out playing with the others. I enjoyed our conversation. You're a great young man. Now, dont forget the recycling this week!

    And eveyone else i forgot to specifically mention..... Great weekend. Now, make sure none of you loose your horneyplug!
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    MARC: Thanks so much for letting me fill up space at the hotel!

    DANE: Must I really say why? You know darned why, you hospitable... dude... you...

    MORGAN, LOGAN, CODY, BRITTANY, WALKER, JUSTIN: For putting up with us!

    KRISTEN: Of course for saying the most epic line of the meet: "ARE YOU HORNY???" and providing endless entertainment running around in the dark just because...

    KYLE: Holy crap, that bread was friggin' awesome! And...

    DAVID: Paired with that awesome bread, your London Broil almost made me make a mess in places you don't want to know about... I also appreciate you doing my "job" of parking first-arrivers while I dealt with my wheel fiasco at the tire place...

    STU: That story on how you got your car was pure awesome, and think that working hard to get your ZHP as your first car is truly impressive. Thank you for the inspiration.

    BELLISSIMO PIZZA: Thank you for having us, and I will definitely be stopping by again the next time I'm in Williamsburg...

    TOM: Thanks for buying my wheels!

    JOHN: That was one of the most relaxed drives I've been on, and loved every minute of it.

    THE PHOTOGRAPHERS (Don't know one of their names, the other is Tim): AWESOME pics!

    ROB: For "entertaining" the idea of a trim swap

    EDUARDO: I am touched by your story, and hope to see you again, many times, even 10 years later.

    MARKY: For making all of this possible..................... and special thanks to your wife and son for going a few days without you and being understanding about "The Family"

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    Thank you

    Dane for hosting at your house

    Marcus for bringing the site together

    Kyle for the hotel

    Botond for coding my car, and thus taking the life of my rear passenger window regulator lol

    Eduardo for experiencing the window regulator dying right next to him

    Kristen for the entertainment and that line! I wonder if your note was ever found yet????

    Justin for the tent the second night and everyone else for showing up to make this a great meet. Good people you all are and can't wait to do this again!!

    "I don't care if the door gaps are straight. When the driver steps on the gas I want him to sheet his pant's." Enzo Ferrari

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    Will participate in the morning. Won't be home until midnight.

    iPad. Tapatalk. Bi-winning.

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