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    Matt M's SIGfest Pictures

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    These were from the road trip up from Chapel Hill. I tried my hand at rolling shots for the first time. When I got to Williamsburg Casey and Mark helped me out a lot and my shots really improved. Thank you both for all of the tips and thank you Ryan for letting me shoot your car

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    DSC_0073 - Version 2 by MatthewMerritt, on Flickr

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    DSC_0073 - Version 3 by MatthewMerritt, on Flickr

    which do you like better?

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    Jon you had a truly spectacular car! I had a great time shooting it

    DSC_0501 - Version 2 by MatthewMerritt, on Flickr

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    DSC_0216 by MatthewMerritt, on Flickr

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    A little fun "selfie" if you will of Christopher and I eating up the miles on the way to Dane's. This one is dedicated to C Withers Media for this quote from the FB page "A public service announcement from C Withers Media and Candis Inpirom: No matter how hot you are, the ducky face thingy just isn't working. Please stop."

    DSC_0125 by MatthewMerritt, on Flickr

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    A funny un-edited pic I just found. Try to figure out why I named it "Throw 'em up"

    Throw 'em up by MatthewMerritt, on Flickr

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    Nice shots, Matt.

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    Nice work, Matt!

    2004 ZHP Coupe TiAg 6mt
    "I never said it was special"

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