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    Randeaux/Rando/John/jr - '06 Cic ZHP; Southern California
    "ZHP or not, I still like you"

    ZHP Performance Package, Cold Weather Package, Leather, Jet Black/Black/BlackCube, NAV, Anthracite Black "my individual" interior trim
    ESS Stage 1 Twin Screw Supercharger, Sprint Booster, BMW Perf Intake, Magnaflow Exhaust, Dinan TB & STEP S/W, UCC Sway Bars, Apex EC-7 18x8.5 ET38
    Suspension: AST 44100 dampers, Bimmerworld front adjustable end links, Swift springs (8K front, 10K rear), Vorshlag camber plates
    Dynavin D99+, Hardwire V1 (w/V1 Connection), BSW Stage 1 Speakers, Kicker Amp/Subwoofer
    BMW Performance Strut Brace, Orion V2 Angel Eyes, No-holes License Plate, SMG Paddle Shift Mod, Besian VANOS, Gold DISA, Fan Delete, M3 Side Mirrors
    Note: Actual car no longer resembles signature picture

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    Beautiful. Awesome job Gary. That was an interesting time in my life. I'm happy I did it myself but it was nerve racking.

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    Thanks Guys. Ya it was very nerve racking to say the least. One screw up could really cost you!
    BAV Stage 1 - BlueBus - UltraGauge - V1 - Orion V4's - ARC-8's - Brembo 996
    TTFS Engine/SMG Tune/CSL 255 - SGT Headers/Sect 1/SCZA - Evolve Eventuri
    VIS XTS CF Hood - CF Lip/Console/Diffuser - OE CSL Trunk - BWS 500S 9k/11k

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    Great work!

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    I'll take a crack at this . . . a lot of my experience comes from the Jeep world.

    1. Basic maintenance (Did full cooling system, CCV, wheel bearings, fuel pump, brakes, etc on the ZHP. Full rear suspension refresh on the M3 in progress.)
    2. More advanced projects. Pulled 4 or 5 motors, clutches in a couple different vehicles, transfer case and axle swaps in Jeeps.
    3. Welding and fab. Decent with a MIG. Did a full set of reinforcement plates in my M3 (rear sway, RTAB, shock tower) along with many hours of welding on previous Jeeps and various fabrication projects for them. Haven't had to do any welding on the ZHP yet.
    4. Tools- Have a press, Miller 211, torch setup, plasma cutter, TIG, chop saw, along with a wide array of hand tools in my shop. No lift, but can tackle a lot of different stuff in there. That's located in the Boston area.

    Hopefully I can add wiring/diagnostics to my list of skills once I get the LS1 dropped into the M3.

    2004 330i ZHP sedan- 6 speed swapped, Corsa exhaust
    1997 AW 328i- S52 swapped
    2004 IR 330i ZHP 6MT- aFe Stage 1, Shark Injector, RE Underdrives, Dforce LTWs- SOLD
    1997 Technoviolet M3/2/5- LS1/T56 swapped- SOLD

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    Quote Originally Posted by 330i Lover View Post
    In your opinion should we be lowering and raising the windows in our cars on a regular basis to help prolong the life of the window regulators? I heard a mechanic say this in the past but never before.
    Based on how it's made, if you never open your windows, it will last longer lol Two things often break on our regulators, it's either the plastic part that holds onto the cable, or the cable itself breaks. This is like a sedan specific problem though. I've had my coupe way longer than my sedan and the regulator is still fine.

    Hmm haven't seen this thread before. I pretty much tackle everything, and if I haven't done it before, I could probably figure it out after some research. I've done installs/repairs on most parts of the e46, problem is I don't remember everything that I did lol I just remember stuff as I do it lol Things I don't do are stuff I don't have the special tools for I guess. I used to do custom installs as a side job, but stopped cause lazy.

    Things I've done:
    - installing bodywork items (so like bumpers/hood/trunks/skirts), know process to install like CF roof, general estimation of costs and random stuff like that
    - lighting/in car electronics (all lighting, headlight retrofits, xenon conversions, angel eyes installs, wiring work, hardwiring stuff, etc)
    - basic maintenance (oil changes, brakes, fluids, filters, wipers, etc)
    - preventative maintenance (cooling, ccv, vcg, ofhg, plugs, etc)
    - suspension/bushings (pretty much all aspects of the suspension and related items. the only bushings I haven't installed myself are the subframe/engine due to not having the correct tools)
    - transmission (ssk install, transmission mounts/bushings)
    - wheels/tires (process on fitting aggressive fitments, wheel/tire recommendations)
    - interior (related to my ICE stuff, but general removing/installing interior items)
    - coding/diagnostics (just some minor stuff using PA Soft/NCS/ISTA-D, don't remember much of it because I don't do it as much)
    - random stuff with no categories (guibo, wheel studs, vinyl work, subframe reinforcement techniques, exhaust system)

    Things I know how to do, but don't due to the amount of work involved:
    - detailing
    - paint
    - alignment
    - PPF (paint protection film)/vinyl work on large body panels
    - tint

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