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Thread: Retrofit OEM M3 side mirrors doityourself

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    Wiring side:
    Thoughts on setting the VO to the GM5 to be before 0303, making it think it's a prefacelift car? That way we could use the coupe/vert mirror module and lose the stupid ribbon cables forever.

    Current Cars: 2005 IR/IR M3, 2001 LMB/blk M5, 2003 530i 5mt, 04 M3 wagon (with ZHP interior and exterior trimmings)
    Past cars: 04 M3, 96 M3, S50B32 e36 M3 CM race car, 6mt NA RWD e91

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    Im picking up M3 mirrors this weekend. Already have the ribbon cables waiting at home. Any update on the scanned sedan baseplate?

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    This DIY thread is in serious need of being updated featuring Sergy's 3D printed mirror motor baseplates. As I start doing this retrofit on my ZHP this Spring, I will be renovating the procedures outlined in this DIY and using new pictures from my upcoming retrofit on my first post in this DIY.

    I also plan to write up differences in mounting OEM M3 side mirrors on ZHP coupes and vents in this DIY as well primarily focusing on swapping in the ZHP mirror motors into the OEM M3 mirror housings.

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