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I'm so sorry to hear about your rims, I totally understand where you are coming from. I just got 2 new tires installed on my street set and I care about them as much as you do - they are 99% mint and I apply a couple coats of Poorboy's wheel sealant every year so it's easy to clean. I took it to a shop that is well-known in the local grassroots motorsports community and was a bit worried, but low and behold the only marks left on the rim were some residue that easily wiped off. And it's not like their machines were the latest Hunter touchless, just a couple young guys in their 20s that knew what they were doing. I'd recommend next time taking a bunch of closeups pics of the rim before getting the tires installed as proof that they are truly mint prior to replacement.

Also out of curiousity approximately how much was the alcantara needed to redo your entire headliner? I did my A & C pillars with some stuff that cost about $40 CAD/ 1 m2.
Thank you! I'll need to find a trustworthy shop as well.

I bought 4m x 1.5m material and it was plenty enough for E38 iL, I even have leftovers. For my E39 M5 without a sunroof, I needed exactly 3m.

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Great work! That black headliner conversion looks fantastic. Bummer to hear about the wheel, how aggravating.

I think the e38 with m-parallels is one of the sleekest and best looking car ever.
Thank you! Love M-pars too, I couldn't imagine it with different rims.

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Sorry about the wheels, I wouldíve gone berserk given all the headaches involved last year to get them done correctly.

Awesome job on the E38ís headliner.

That ride height is perfect.

Was the E38 wheel really that bus-like? Do you know the diameter? I still think about doing the E38 heated steering wheel retrofit into our X3 but I canít imagine Iíd be happy having a bigger wheel than whatís already in that car.

+1, E38 with M-Pars is my favorite full-size sedan of all time.
It sucks but I'll fix them again.

It really was bus-like, I didn't measure it but I found online that the diameter is 393mm. Think that would definitely be too big for X3. Maybe you can find E53 heated steering wheel? I had one of them with that option and the steering wheel size/type was the same as in E46.

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Like the new steering wheels. Looks minty fresh.

I'm not a big fan of those old four spoke wheels.
Me neither, they really look outdated.