Made this list somewhere else.....helping someone else out.....and thought I would throw it up over here.

Just a good general list....for someone buying a car.

The below was in response to...."What would a car be like that was heralded as being maintained properly?"

BOLD = Common Problems.

The following would be completed with records:

1. Cooling system overhaul. > Expansion tank/hose/WP/T-Stat failure are all common failures. Kits can be procured for ~$300-$500.

Typically, when one components fails, the rest will be soon on their way my advice is to replace them all.

2. VANOS seals and anti rattle kit.

Can be procured from ~$180 for all the parts. The individual seal cost is $60, and anit-rattle kit is $60. The rest of the parts needed to make repairs will run you around $60

3. Pulleys(3) with belts. Pullies can fail in as little as 100k miles.

This includes WP Tensioner (Can either be hydraulic or mechanical), Idler pulley, and AC tensioner

4. Pads/rotors/fluid flush.

5. Spark plugs. Should use NGK BKR6EQUP. ~$60

6. Battery. > Good for 5-7 years typically. Any older, and you're playing with fire. ~$150

Recommend OEM or 49DL. If you have a may need a different one.

7. Oil changes regular. > Every 7500 miles with LL-01 spec'd oil. Oil list =>

8. Diff and tranny fluid done. Do not use RP in your Tranny...imho. Redline in both or Pentosin in the tranny makes sense here.

9. Power steering flushed. Can use the Turkey baster method to suck out and refresh the fluid (Use M1 ATF here). Should use the entire bottle for about 3 re-fills. Run the car for a couple of days between flushes. Fluid should be nice and red when done.

10. Wiper inserts new. Bosch ICON's rock.

11. In cabin and intake filters replaced. For a great price on filters hit up

12. Suspension replaced. Endlinks, CAB's and Control arms have a high failure rate, at higher mileages (75k-100k miles)

13. Exterior swirls at a minimum with a nice coat of wax.

14. No rash on rims and tires show a fair amount of tread left.

15. Car complete. Full tool kit, under engine bay splash shield, oil pan trap door.

16. Trunk inside should look new.

17. Small amount of wear on seat bolsters.

18. No scratches on trim... Interior or exterior.

19. Steering wheel has no chips or scratches.

20. All glass is Pilkington.

21. Wiper fluid is full.

22. Headlight lenses are NOT faded. New ones are about ~$60/set.

BMW lenses will cost more, but will last longer. I typically go with lenses.

23. No SES light or BOW's.

24. All windows and sunroof operate smoothly with no binding or sluggishness. > window Regulator failure is common. Each window regulator is about ~$100.

25. Under car exhibits no evidence of "drips", leaks or rust.

Common oil leaks here are: 1. Oil Filter Housing Gasket (OFHG), and Valve Cover Gasket (VCG).

26. Door threshold trim looks new.

27. Pre-cat O2 sensors. ~$200

28. Subframe and tail light recalls.

29. FSR (Final Stage Resistor). ~$100

30. Pillar felt sag. About ~$220 for the A,B and C pillars (6 pieces)

31. DISA valve breaks. ~$200

I recommend the G.A.S. kit from German Automotive Solutions.

32. ICV gets dirty. Clean it with Carb Cleaner. ~$5

33. Upper and lower intake boots tear/rip/crack. ~$50 for both upper and lower boots.

Tons more info at the below link


List from JupiterBMW

As requested... This is a list that I gave to Rich (Bimmernut) when he went and checked out my '03 sedan for me. I'm by no means a BMW expert, so I'm sure this list isn't complete, but it was everything that came to mind when I thought about what I would want looked at. I created this list based on things I've learned since becoming part of the Mafia, and also based on little things with my last ZHP that I'd want to check on a prospective new car... It worked out great though and Rich did an awesome PPI for me.

Use this as a guideline, and feel free to add to it!

-Paint condition overall- shine, smoothness
-Scratches, chips, dings, dents
-Lower front bumper condition- cracks, chips
-corner light/Headlights(ZKW/AL?), condition, brightness (burnt bowls?)
-weatherstripping around windows condition
-side mirror scratches
-sunroof trim condition
-chips on door edges
-taillight condition
-paint condition on rear bumper edge/below trunk
-muffler tip condition (pitted, rusted)
-wheel condition

-door jamb cleanliness
-door panel condition (scuffs on lower areas)
-silver cube condition
-A, B, C pillar condition (fabric falling)
-sunroof shade operation/condition
-leather condition
-drivers seat bolsters
-operation of windows (clicking, speed)
-operation of sunroof
-condition of vent louvres
-shift knob condition
-autodim mirror condition
-all 4 floormats?
-trunk carpet condition/cleanliness
-navigation operation head unit faceplate motor operation
-seat heater operation
-center armrest condition
-operation of other buttons/features

-engine bay cleanliness
-coolant overflow float color (blood red, light red, white-ish)
-brake fluid color
-engine oil color/smell burnt?
-VANOS exterior condition (look replaced)? Rattle when revving at 2400rpm?
-DISA condition (replace?)
-startup- fast? Slow?
-unusual noises?
-belts? Look ok?
-clunks/rattles during test drive? Pulling any when accelerating or braking?
-shifts smoothly? No transmission noises?
-clutch is smooth yet grabs well?
-brakes make no noise?

Receipts? Looking mostly for coolant system replacements, replaced/repaired DISA or VANOS units, and any suspension work.