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    ZHPMafia.com is a BMW E46 330 ZHP forum geared toward owners and enthusiasts of the BMW 330 ZHP. While the site says ZHPMafia.com -- which means that many of us are here because of the ZHP option package found on the E46 BMW -- we are an inclusive group. Thus, while the sites primary focus is on the BMW 330 ZHP performance package, our members are interested, first and foremost, in all things BMW.
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    Question: When did the BMW 330 ZHP first debut?
    Answer: The BMW 330 ZHP, which was created by BMW Individual (a division of BMWs M performance division), debuted at the Los Angeles International auto show on January 2, 2003. Production was scheduled for March with the first ZHP-equipped 330s hitting showrooms in April.

    Picture from the 2003 LA Auto Show:

    Question: How much did the ZHP package cost?
    Answer: $3900.

    Question: What transmissions were available for the BMW 330 ZHP?
    Answer: The 2003 model was only available in a 6-speed (Getrag) manual transmission (GS6-37BZ, part number 23007532498). From 2004 to 2006, the ZHP was available in a 6-speed manual transmission and automatic transmission.

    Question: Was the ZHP ever available in SMG?
    Answer: No. We've discussed that issue here and here.

    Question: Was the BMW 330 ZHP available outside of the E46 platform?
    Answer: No. The 330 ZHP was only available for the E46. It was not available, for example, on the E90 330, which debuted during the summer of 2005.

    Question: What is the ZHP's horsepower?
    Answer: It is 235 HP at 5900 RPM, which is 10 HP more than the standard BMW 330.

    Question: What about torque?
    Answer: The ZHP puts down 222 lb-ft of torque at 3500 RPM, which is 8 lb-ft torque more than the standard BMW E46 330.

    Question: What is the redline for the BMW ZHP?
    Answer: It is 6800 RPM, which is 300 RPM more than the standard BMW E46 330.

    Non-ZHP instrument cluster (white needles ...

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