Hey guys,

had a little over heating but got my dad's mechanic to fix it up, replaced the thermostat which he said wasn't opening as well as the expansion tank which has a crack in it. Anyway, since then the radiator fan(the one between the radiator and the motor) won't turn off unless I unplug it directly. Also my check coolant light comes on( after a mile or 2 of driving) even though its levels are correct.

From my research:

The fan could just be on because the the coolant light comes on

Fan switch/relay messed up from over heat, need to replace fan.
Any issue with this price/brand?

I've read mixed reviews on this, but I can replace just the switch? https://www.google.com/shopping/prod...25EMLOeoGyqcAL

As for the check coolant light, I think I can just replace the sensor, but does the expansion tank really not come with a sensor?

a little background: I didn't drive too far when it was hot. It started going past the line so i pulled over to advance auto parts just to kinda look around(and also get my SES codes) but when the guy started it up, it was at red. told him to turn it off and i opened it up. bam steam and coolant gushed out. So i got it towed to the mechanic who's closer than my house. well anyway. No drivability issues(knock on wood), just this fan thing. Thanks for any help.