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Thread: GotZHP's E46 330i ZHP Maintenance & Build Thread w/ Pics & DIYS

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    Definitely. A few of us SoCals around. William and I are in the South Bay for starters.

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    Check your control arms before you replace them. Mine were still in perfect condition at 141k hard miles. You might be able to put off replacement and use those funds for other parts in the meantime
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    Picked up the rest of the goodies at work today

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    Just realized that the new headlights have a silver interior while the olds have a black. The silver does help to reflect some light and makes them seem brighter, but that black interior trim looks sooo good. Currently using new headlights with old corners. One side, passenger, lines up and fits great. Driver side not so much. There will be some fiddling and adjusting to do. really hoping there is no bend in the fender.

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    Just re-installed the DISA and the new air box. Thanks Ray AKA Karl Lazlo! Air box is in great shape. How many miles are on that filter? Going to put it in the Pay It Forward thread as I have one with only 10,000 miles on it.

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    Moment of truth... Going to fire it up

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    My heart just fell out

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    Meaning ?

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    It starts. Will rev up to 1,500-1,700 rpm like normal, sounds normal, then will drop to idle like normal. Idle is not normal. Really rough and a lot of idle hunting going on. It almost stalls itself out. It is really erratic. No CEL and SES was on for post cat o2 sensors, but that has been an issue for months now.

    I took off all the intake side of things, and put them back on. No vacuum leak i am aware of.

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    Ok, so momentary freak out calmed by a quick Google search. I need a new alternator.

    1.) My interior lights were flickering while engine was at idle
    2.) I started the car 4 separate times and let it run for 20 seconds or so. 4th time it almost didn't start
    3.) The expansion tank was pushed into the alternator with enough force to break open the tank and spill fluid all over the alternator.
    4.) There is absolutely no vacuum leaks and everything is plugged in as it should be
    5.) No CEL and no relevant SES

    Back to the parts store tomorrow. Needed to pick up a few pop rivets and fasteners anyways.

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    Anybody? Bought the alternator today. there is a very small chance I did not seat the dipstick tube firmly and that is causing issues but I think it is slim.

    God OE alternators are expensive!!! At net price after core exchange, ~$430 buhuhuhuh

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    Well, alternator picked up from the BMW parts store was the wrong one. ran to an Oreilly auto parts to pick one up with the right plug connector. While there figured I should prove it was in fact my alternator that was the problem.

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