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Thread: GotZHP's E46 330i ZHP Maintenance & Build Thread w/ Pics & DIYS

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    Quote Originally Posted by johnrando View Post
    Sux. The exhaust will be fun though.

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    The DMV is my vision of Hell... and I have to go back. That is one job you could not pay me enough to do!

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    You know you're a car guy when yours parts are on the shelves and your clothes are on the floor...

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    nah it's easy to tell if you're a car guy. if you just have a shitload of parts/boxes all over your room in a corner somewhere lol

    Yeah I hate going to the DMV. i had to go a couple of days ago too to get a moving permit for my car. I just drove all the way down to San Clemente's DMV and went to theirs lol It's the least busy one. Still took 2 hours total, but the wait at mines would have been like all day.

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    Man, not a good day for the ZHP... As I threw 4 codes today

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    Those sound like lean codes. Similar to this guy:

    All your intake boots etc in good shape?

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    Quote Originally Posted by anandoc View Post
    Those sound like lean codes. Similar to this guy:

    All your intake boots etc in good shape?
    Everything on the intake side is brand new, even the intake manifold gaskets. I am going to double check all the connections tomorrow but I doubt it is vacuum related.

    Was thinking fuel filter would be a good start. Needs to be replaced anyways and Cali has crap gas. Need to research this some more. thanks for the link!

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    Few updates from today and will have a video shortly. So these two items may or may not be related. I have been throwing lean codes recently, and I thought my vanos was becoming nosier. However, it turns out that my DISA valve is chattering and failing!!! with only ~10,000 miles on it! I bought this DISA valve from Turner.

    It says that it is a genuine BMW brand, but the one they sent me is NOT! No BMW logo or part #. Cannot believe I didn't spot this right away. Going to call them tomorrow and will see how they are going to handle this. I should not have installed it, but it is their fault for sending the wrong part! Any ways not happy about that

    On the flip side, made a stop into Irvine BMW's Parts Department today and picked up some new goodies. Two new Tie rods, a fuel filter, and the headlight to hood trim pieces.

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    Massive respect for the dedication you have towards getting the Zhp back to top shape...

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    Link to video on Vimeo

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    Turner should make good on that. They exchanged CF mirror shells for me that were way out of warranty....

    Those headlight trim pieces.... were you old ones rotting/falling apart along the edges?
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