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Thread: Olive's maintenance thread

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    Olive's maintenance thread

    It's so nice to finally have time to do this. My name is Joe and this is my Oxford Green ZHP, Olive. I did a quick intro thread when i picked up the car but just to recap:

    I picked up the car at the end of June just outside of Philly with 155K miles on the car. I paid $9k of it. Its probably a bit on the higher end, but its also 1 of 3 in the OG/ sand beige combination, so I guess I paid for exclusivity. I always forget to add that the PO threw in a set of winter wheels and tires. So if you factor in that they alone would cost me almost $1000 on their own, my price comes down closer to $8k. According to the carfax, I'm the 4th owner. The previous two owners were very good about keeping up with maintenance, of which I have the history for from the 30k mile mark below.


    Clutch Stop- I put a clutch stop on my previous car, an '09 335 and it really made it much easier to find that bite point. Also because theres less of a drop in revs, the shift are much smoother. I went with the one from Burger Tuning but they'll all pretty much do the same.

    Steering wheel/Boots-My steering alcantara wheel is in pretty bad shape so I placed an order for a newly upholstered wheel and matching boot. I'll post pics and info when I receive them.


    Date/ Milage Item Action Part Nubmer Notes
    29,127 Inspection Done
    Wipers Replaced
    Heater Replaced blower motor64-11-8-372-797

    32,521 Aux FlasherReplaced Driver Side 63-13-7-165-913

    45,037 Cabin Air FilterReplaced 64-31-9-071-935
    Air Filter Replaced 13-72-1-730-946
    Oil Filter Replaced HU925/4X
    BMW Syn. OilChanged

    51,289 Air Mass Meter BootReplaced 13-54-1-438-759
    Battery Changed 94R-60

    54,111 Brake Fluid Changed
    Trans. fluid Changed Red Line MTL
    Rear Diff. oilChanged Red Line GL-5

    58,162 Air Filter Replaced C25114
    Oil Filter Replaced HU925/4X
    BMW Syn. OilChanged
    Cabin Air FilterReplaced 64-31-9-071-935
    Spark PlugsReplaced BKR6EQUP

    61,381 Brake Fluid Changed ATE Super Blue

    61434 Idler Pulley Replaced 11-28-7-841-228
    Tensioner PulleyReplaced 11-28-1-748-131

    62,758 Front Brake Rotor (L/R)Changed 34-10-166-071 *rear rotors resurfaced
    Brake Pad Sensor Changed 34-35-6-751-311*pads changed
    Brake Pad Sensor Changed 34-35-1-164-372*pads changed
    *front and rear hoses replaced

    65,171 Window Regulator Replaced 51-33-7-020-660*Right Front
    *Needs B1S1 O2 sensor

    69508 Oil Filter Replaced HU925/4X
    BMW Syn. Oil Changed
    *brake bleed and top off

    74,293 Thermostat Assembly Replaced 11-53-7-509-227 *Engine was not warming up

    80,820 Oil Filter Replaced HU925/4X
    BMW Syn. Oil Changed

    81,950 Int Manif Runner Valve Replaced 11-61-7-544-805

    87,128 New Owner Alan L.Purchase Price: $11,750

    87514 Cabin Air Filter Replaced 64-31-9-071-935*90k mile servicing
    Air Filter Replaced 13-72-1-730-946*service handbrake
    BMW Syn. Oil Changed
    Brake Fluid Changed Red Line
    Oil Filter Changed

    87900 Subframe Reinforcement Preformed Turner Motorsport
    Rear Shock Mounts Preformed Rogue Engineering
    Brake Fluid Replaced

    93259 Valve Cover Gasket Replaced
    Front Control Arm Bushing Replaced 31126783376
    *New Tires: Gen Exclaim 235/40 and 255/35

    100,758 Renew Belts *100K mile servicing
    Spark Plugs Changed
    Valve cover Gasket Replaced
    O2 sensor
    Oil Filter Changed
    Brake Fluid Changed
    Thermostat Assembly Replaced Overhaul Cooling System
    Expansion Tank Replaced
    Water Pump Replaced
    Tensioner Pulley Replaced 11-28-1-748-131

    Trunk Sensor Replaced 61-31-9-119-052

    Window Regulator Replaced 51-35-8-212-100

    112,329 Oil Filter Changed
    Adjust Emergency Brake

    117,513 Oil Filter Changed
    Air Filter Replaced
    Cabin Air Filter Replaced
    Oil Filter Housing Gasket Replaced
    Vanos Oil Line Replaced

    117,924 Front Brake Rotors Replaced 34201166073
    Rear Brake Rotors Replaced 34116855156
    Brake Pads Replaced 34116779652 / 34216790071
    Brake Pad Sensor Replaced 34356751311 / 34351164372
    Headlight Lenses Replaced 63126923411 (Left)
    Headlight Lenses Replaced 63126923412 (Right)
    Windshield Cowl Trim Replaced 51718208483

    125,565 Oil Filter Replaced *Squeak heard when pushing in clutch
    Differential Mount Replaced *Hard to engage first when cold

    138,474 Fuel pump Replaced 16-14-6-766-942
    Fuel filter Replaced 13-32-7-512-019
    Air Bag Recall Passenger

    137,320 Oil Filter Replaced
    Cabin Air Filter Replaced
    Air Filter Replaced

    145,740 A/C Evac and Recharge Preformed

    146,083 Brake Fluid Changed
    Shift Cage Bushing Replaced 25111220600

    147,959 Air Bag Recall Driver
    Shift Lever Bushing Replaced 25111220600
    Shift Rod Pin Replaced 23411466134
    ST Shift Bushing Replaced 25117507695

    153,643 Oil Filter Replaced

    155,378 Rear Shocks (L/R) Replaced 2372221
    Rear Shock Bump Stops Replaced 33506757047

    6/24/2017 Pre Purchase Inspection

    156,500 Crank shaft pos. sensor Replaced 12141709616
    Pressure Hose Replaced 32416764725
    Power steering flush
    Diagnosed crack in intake boot Replaced
    Oil Filter Housing Gasket
    Vanos line
    Valve cover gasket


    Steering wheel- wrapped in solid/perforated leather with green stitching and 1/8 inch extra padding (similar size of 1M wheel)

    Shift/ E-brake boots- solid leather with stitching to match

    Gloss black grills from Avin
    Koni FSD shocks (gold)
    18 x 8.5 apex arc-8 et38 Square (with full size spare) powdercoated prismatic Gold
    Michelin PSS 235 45 18
    AL headlights with zkw-r lenses
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    ugh, you and wes are killing me with the OGs!! love it.

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    Your OG looks very sharp. I used to have a 2005 Mini on similar color (British green metallic) and loved it.
    2005 IR / black / 6MT
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    Good deal Joe. Beautiful

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    Quote Originally Posted by danewilson77 View Post
    Good deal Joe. Beautiful

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    Quote Originally Posted by fredo View Post
    Your OG looks very sharp. I used to have a 2005 Mini on similar color (British green metallic) and loved it.
    Quote Originally Posted by slater View Post
    ugh, you and wes are killing me with the OGs!! love it.
    Thank you for the compliments guys. I really like being a part of this community. I almost feel a sense of responsibility in preserving this car as there are so few of them out there. OG in general is just a rare BMW color. For the life of me I just can't figure out why. The only thing I could assume is that when customers were specing their cars, green was a hard color to picture on the E46/E39 bodies. So people went with a safer option like a grey or silver. I remember when I would play around with the E46 M3 configurator and I wanted the brightest and boldest colors out there like Iola Red, or Interlagos Blue. At 17, green on an M3 sounds a bit off. My my my, how I've matured....

    Back to Olive. Before purchasing my ZHP, I had read a number of e46 buyer guides all over the internet. Of course basic rule of thumb, you always want to budget for repairs/maintenance. To any future BMW e46 owner.....


    My wife and I had a trip planned for Cape Cod. I definitely wanted to have all needed maintenance done before we hit the road. Because we currently live in Manhattan, and the car is kept at my parents place in Queens, it was hard for me to orchestrate me actually working on the car. So for the time being and until we settle on a house for ourselves, I have all work done at a family friend's shop.

    I had a PPI done that came back with 3 basic, fairly common and simple things that had to be done:
    OFHG (along with oil change)
    Vans Line
    Valve Cover Gasket.

    My rear driver side window actuator was picked up, and I'll address it in the near future, but in terms of mechanical repairs, these were what had to be done. I placed an order with ECS and figured with labor, id be looking at around $6-700 to get it up to code.

    Not exactly. While my dad was bringing it to the shop for the noted things, the car stalled out on him. Turns out there was a crack in the intake boot. So that needed to get addressed. The crank shaft position sensor also needed to be replaced. When they got under the car they saw a bunch of hoses were dried out and cracking, so those needed to go.

    All in all, my first trip to the shop cost me $1700, or just under 2k if you include my ESC order. Fortunately, I had budgeted for it. Truth be told I budgeted for a new set of APEXs, but clearly thats on hold right now

    The shop owner said that the car may have stalled out on the previous owner and that that may what have scared him into selling the car.

    A word to new owners, make sure you budget for any repairs and maintenance.

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    Are you more of a diy person ?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Vas View Post

    Are you more of a diy person ?
    Thanks. I'll update it as much as I can.

    Right now, no. But I honestly want to be. That's part of the reason why I wanted an e46, they're fairly simple to work around and because of the amount of parts available for it, repairs shouldn't break the bank.

    Like I mentioned above, our current living arrangements would make it hard for me to find time to get under the hood. We've been looking for a house now for a few months, so once I have my own garage to get settled in to, I'm sure my hands will get dirty.

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    Please exude the crappy iPhone pics for this next part.

    After giving it its first wash, I noticed how bad the swirls were in the paint. And was looking around for a good place to do a paint correction. Then I remembered I got this car so I can do a lot of the work on it myself.

    I scored a deal on a griots garage 6 inch random orbital off of eBay since my generic one bit the dust.

    Since getting my first BMW in '09 I've only used Griots Garage products and have been very happy with the way they have been keeping my cars looking.

    Here's what the car looked like 2 weeks ago...

    Again, I'm sorry for the crappy iPhone pics. This was taken at night in my garage underneath a regular halogen light bulb. It doesn't tell the whole story but it tells enough.

    The next day, this is the process I went through:
    Griots garage car wash (x2 to make sure I cleaned everything)
    Griots garage clay bar with speed shine as lubricant
    Another Griots garage car wash
    Griots garage machine polish 3,2,1 in that order (successfully did hood, front fender, trunk, and front doors)

    I ran out of time and it's far from perfect, it we've made an improvement big time....

    While I improved in one area, it's time to tackle another. No that's not powered sugar on my hood, those are rock chips. The PO included a vile of OG from Dr Colorchip. I have some accessories coming in from them but because they're based in Florida, my order is on hold due to Irma. When it comes in, I'll give it a whirl and post some before and after shots.

    *side note: I remember the rock chips on my e92 looking real bad. They were down to the aluminum. All you would see is the hood below. Clear coat, paint, and primer/base were all stripped right off. It seems like the primer is still on there after 13 years. I'm going to say that BMW has gone backwards in the paint department as far as quality is concerned. Anyone else feel this way?

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    Very similar color combo to my (now sold) father's E39 540i. Love it.

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