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    Quote Originally Posted by BADCLOWN View Post
    I’m a dumb person asking a dumb question: what are the smaller things below the calipers in the second pic?
    Jacob, they are eBrake calipers. The picture below shows how the brake and eBrake calipers are mounted once they are installed...

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    Ah, gotcha. I’ve just never seen a dedicated ebrake caliper off a car before haha
    2005 BMW 330i ZHP - BMWP brakes/intake/strut bar/shifter, Coby wraps interior, BBS CHs, Eagle Eye LED tails, LED fog lights, GC coilovers, Sprint Booster/sport button mod, 4.5 LCM w/ programming, Xtrons 9inch HU, BSW stg1, dynamat, M3 sedan dead pedal, oCarbon CF interior trim, CF seat backs, 2x2 CF MTECH2 diffuser, CF cabin filter cover

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    Quote Originally Posted by BADCLOWN View Post
    Ah, gotcha. I’ve just never seen a dedicated ebrake caliper off a car before haha
    This is the typical 18Z rear setup for this platform

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    I will be sourcing this caliper paint for my Audi's calipers

    This caliper paint should look very nice against the Nogaro Blue color of the car...

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    More carbon fiber parts coming in for my Audi this car season

    The carbon fiber engine cover below has been shipped and will be installed once it arrives soon:

    This morning I paid for the black carbon fiber rain guard, the panel that covers the battery and power steering reservoir

    By the end of the month I will have paid for and ordered these blue carbon fiber trim pieces that will be installed and should look amazing . . .

    Going to start working on my Audi to get it ready for the 2024 season.
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    Nothing like having the actual carbon fiber engine cover in hand I will be mounting them soon

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    This morning I paid for the interior blue carbon fiber trim that will be going into my Audi

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    I will be ordering this when I have put out a few fires that unexpectedly came up today . . . so possibly next month . . .

    in 6000k lighting
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